Goku & One-Punch Man’s God-Tier Fight is Epic In New Fanart

In enchanting new fan art, Dragon ballGoku Vs Saitama’s Invincible Battle man one punch In the battle of the ages, any opponent cannot kneel.

In a manga world full of powerful heroes, Son Goku and Saitama are two of the strongest champions of them all. Goku is a member of the alien Saiyan race. The Saiyans are known all over the world for their martial arts abilities. Goku was originally sent to Earth to destroy it, but after a serious accident in his youth, he gradually fell in love with Earth and its people. sequence, man one punch Saitama was an ordinary person before deciding to become a hero. To achieve this goal, he developed a basic exercise program and consistently followed it. As a result, he developed a punch unmatched, among other superpowers, and never brought down his opponent. Since both Goku and Saitama are thrill addicts with great combat prowess and experience, and always looking for a good battle to test their skills, Goku’s leanings towards Saitama are “hers.” Titan” in every sense of the word conflict”.

In a striking example Dragon ball And man one punch fan art posted Twitter, artist @KosukeKurokami not only shows off his impressive artistic abilities, but also demonstrates his understanding of how epic the Goku vs Saitama battle would be if it ever happened. Judging from the floating objects in the fanart, the battle has already begun and the two have fought. Furthermore, Goku’s hair has turned white. This means Goku has upgraded to his “Super Saiyan” form, at least, if not in his Super Instinct form. Goku rarely achieves his Super Saiyan status unless he can’t neutralize the threat in his normal form or he realizes the threat is serious enough that he needs to use his special abilities. me. Either way, Kosuke the Kurokami shows that Goku doesn’t take it lightly, on the contrary, they respect his abilities.

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Goku vs. One-Punch Man is the battle fans want to see

Kosuke Kurokami’s portrait of Saitama in fan art is equally impressive. Undoubtedly, the first aspect of the production that draws viewers in is Saitama’s dark, uncharacteristic face. It perfectly captures illustrator Yusuke Murata’s various drawing styles man one punch in comic books. In fact, when Saitama fights hard, Murata often draws man one punch Has a similarly shaded face and bright white pupilless eyes. However, KosukeKurokami’s excellent depiction of his movements shows that he is moving perpendicular to Goku and not directly towards him, suggesting that he is judging him. Like Goku, he respects his opponent’s abilities. In fact, given the state of Goku’s uniform, he seems to have survived Saitama’s “one punch” – a feat that is sure to make him rethink his strategy. However, Saitama didn’t seem scared.

Finally, KosukeKuroKami’s awesome fan art shows exactly what Goku’s battle with Saitama is like Dragon ball, Not much though man one punch. It’s also fan art that is sure to spark debate over who will win the game. Judging by the fan art, there are still a few rounds left before the winner is announced.

source: @Kosuke Black God

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