Girldm Face Reveal, Who Is Girl Dm? Check Girldm Real Name, Age, Photos, And More

Girldm Face Reveal: Girl Dm is a Canadian VTuber in English. She used to stream all kinds of content on her Vtube and since she had a huge fan base, Girldm Face Reveal has not revealed her face yet. To know more about Girldm Face Reveal, please read the content below.

Who is Girl Dm?

Girl dm also tagged as girl_dm_, debuted on May 7, 2020 on Twitch as a new Vtuber. She used to stream new content including but not limited to art streams, first person shooters. He holds a sword over his shoulder.

Girldm Wiki



Real name

Unknown to the public



date of birth

August 20


157 cm (5’2″)

Languages ​​known

English, German and Japanese

Known as


The date of her debut

May 7, 2020


Twitch, Youtube, Vtuber



As she still hasn’t revealed her face as well, her real name, age is still a mystery, so her fans are too eager to know about her and also to see her face. Her model is 3D and designed by herself and modeled by Rezo Sempai. Also, she co-hosted a Vtuber podcast called GHK Radio with Nemurenai Kai and Project Harune.

Girldm Face Reveal

Girldm Face discover has not revealed her face yet. She mostly uses her avatar and has not yet posted her original photo online. Like other Vtubers, she also hides her face and keeps her identity confidential and private. She still hasn’t revealed her face as her fans are eagerly waiting for the day when their favorite Vtuber will reveal her real face. Although she does not reveal her face, she is most active on social networks such as Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram. She also never revealed her name on social media. She used her name ‘Girldm’ on all her social media platforms. But there is still hope for her fans that the day will come when she will reveal her face as well as find out her real name and age.

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Pictures of girls_dm_


image source: Twitter

image source: Twitter

image source: youtube

image source: youtube

Image source: Twitch

Vtuber girl_dm_

Girl_dm_aslo called Vtuber Girl_dm_ has 1557 followers to date with 10 posts on Instagram. She can be contacted via Twitter with 78.1k followers she joined in May 2019. Girl_dm_ is a big fan of Hololive’s Takanshi Kiara as well as Huke; he is the artist who drew it. When Takanashi Kiara was released, girl_dm_ fangirled about her for about 40 minutes on stream, she is also a longtime friend of CableOw. She has a redemption on her channel called ‘Nyan Time’ where she has to finish every other sentence with Nyan for ten minutes.

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