Game of Thrones: 10 Reasons Why Theon & Asha Aren’t Real Friends

Asha Greyjoy is known as “Yara Greyjoy” in “Yara Greyjoy” game of Thrones. She is the daughter of Lord Balon Greyjoy and Lady Alanis Harlow. Asha is Theon Greyjoy’s sister.Asha becomes a POV character in the book feast of crows, In the show, Yara first appears in “Night Kingdom”.

Theon Greyjoy continues to appear on screen in Winter is Coming. He was the youngest son of Balon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands. Following the Greyjoy Rebellion (known as the Greyjoy Rebellion), Theon was taken hostage by Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell. He received a good education at Winterfell. He became friends with Eddard Stark’s eldest son, Robb Stark.

Asha and Theon are brother and sister. They are an atypical pair. Because of this, fans sometimes don’t believe that siblings can be so mean to each other. Here are ten reasons why their relationship isn’t friendly.

Theon’s return

When Theon returns to the Iron Islands, Asha humiliates him. In The Nightlands, Theon is sent by Robb Stark as a diplomatic envoy to his father, Balon Greyjoy. When Theon arrives at Pike’s house, no one seems to care who he is. He has to pay someone to find him a horse.

In the books, Theon meets Asha, who poses in the House of Lords as the wife of a shipwright named Esgred. Asha begins flirting with Theon to learn his true nature. Later that night, Theon learns that Asha is indeed his sister. She occupies a place of honor alongside Lord Balon Greyjoy. Theon felt cheated and angry.

Theon was forcibly taken away


Both Asha and Balon Greyjoy seem to have forgotten the fact that Theon Greyjoy was forcibly taken as a child. Lord Eddard Stark didn’t want to be caught, and forcibly took his youngest son as a hostage. There is no doubt that Theon was raised by the Starks as their own child, but he is a Greyjoy after all, and he did betray Robb Starr in the War of the Five Kings. gram.

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In any case, before Theon betrayed Robb, he returned to the “Darklands” as Robb’s emissary. He’s too excited to go home, but when Theon sees his father and sister, he feels hostile. Asha never misses an opportunity to humiliate him. She scoffed at everything from his abilities to his attire.

Theon’s Objection


Theon is jealous of his sister because Balon Greyjoy prefers Asha to him.exist game of Thrones, Theon speaks out against his father, saying Yara (Asha) is unfit to lead an attack. “Then why not?” asked their father. “You are a woman!” Theon replied. At first, Theon didn’t understand how different things were on the Iron Islands.

Asha is a famous captain in the Iron Islands. She commands her own fleet. Lord Balon Greyjoy says she took over Eddard Stark’s ship after he killed her eldest brother’s ship, and Theon learns that Asha was raised as heir to Pyke and the Iron Islands It was such a shock growing up.

power rift


inside game of Thrones, power rifts are common. Nor is it unusual to devour a brother so mindlessly. Theon, Prince of Winterfell and so-called heir to the Iron Islands, is one such example. Knowing that no ironborn would unite with him, Theon said aloud:

“Let Asha keep the damned islands, they’re as dull as she is.”

Asha deserves to be on the Salt Throne, but Theon doesn’t want her to have it. Right after Maester Luwin told Theon Greyjoy that he could escape Winterfell and take the Black.

Attack on the Dreadfort


The attack on the Dreadfort is depicted in The Law of Gods and Men. Yara reads Ramsay Snow’s letter. It ordered the Ironborn to leave the North. The letter also records how Ramsay skinned twenty ironborn found at Winterfell. Yara is shocked to find her people skinned and Theon mutilated. She attacks the Dreadfort to rescue her brother.

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It may be recalled that Theon was Ramsay Bolton’s prisoner since the sack of Winterfell. He was tortured and mutilated by Ramsay and his men while in captivity. Asha manages to infiltrate the castle and reach the kennels, where she sees Theon in his cage. Theon refuses to leave with Asha. She tries to remind him who he is, but all in vain. Theon bit Asha’s hand. The ironborn barely survived after Ramsay unleashed his dogs on them. In the end, Asha fled the Dreadfort, leaving the remaining ironborn exclaiming that her brother was dead. Despite this, Asha left Theon to rot in a kennel.

Theon is home


“Home” airs Theon and Sansa’s escape from Winterfell. Theon hands Sansa to Brienne of Tarth to make her safer. He asks her to leave and return home to the Iron Islands. It’s worth noting that Asha doesn’t care much about her brother, not after the attack on the Dreadfort, although she came to save him once. Asha saw what Ramsay did to Theon.

Theon returns to the Iron Islands in Book of the Stranger. When Theon confronts Yara, she says he’s been dead for a long time. Yara is happy to have found her brother. She told him how good people died trying to save him from Ramsay. This isn’t exactly the emotional sibling reunion that should be.

Asha feels betrayed


Yara is delighted to find Theon back in the Iron Islands. In The Book of Strangers, Theon walks up to her. The first question Yara asked Theon was: “Did he let you go?” “I ran away,” Theon replied. Yara found it hard to believe that Theon would be at the Pike. She thinks Theon has come back to claim the throne since their father died.

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After what happened at Dreadfort, Yara felt betrayed. She doesn’t accept Theon’s apology. She just wants to know why Theon came back after his father died. “You happened to be on Pyke just before the kingcast?” Yara asked.

Euron’s Attack


Balon Greyjoy was murdered by his brother Euron Greyjoy. After taking the Salt Throne, Euron launched a public attack on his nieces and nephews, Theon and Yara. In a turn of events, Euron Greyjoy attacks their ship in the middle of the night. The raid took place on the Stormchild, and Euron killed dozens of the crew and damaged their ship.

Euron grabs Yara with an axe, and Theon does what he can. Theon looked around, saw his crew dismembered, and jumped into the water to escape.

Theon wants to fight for Winterfell


In A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, Theon leaves his sister behind to serve Sansa Stark. Asha has a few ships left. Her situation was dire. Unable to sail her ships to the north, she sailed to the Iron Islands.

At this critical moment, Yara is left behind by Theon. She was the only one to take back the Iron Islands from Euron Greyjoy. When Theon told Daenerys Targaryen about this, the queen asked in surprise, “But why weren’t you with her?” Instead, Theon wanted to fight for Winterfell.

Asha sees Theon as a threat


Theon and Asha’s timelines will tell you that the former comes back again and again. To Asha, Theon was always a threat. Someone who will one day come back to usurp her. Even though their bond has grown stronger since escaping Euron, something is still not right.

Before setting off for Merlin, Yara takes Theon to a brothel. She does this despite knowing what Theon went through during Ramsay’s imprisonment. He clearly felt uncomfortable in the brothel. This is no place for him, the poor guy has been mutilated. Their relationship remains fractured. After the events at the Dreadfort, Yara could no longer truly trust him.

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