Food: Seven tips on how you the fruit and vegetable shopping can save money

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet. They are full of important vitamins and minerals and supply the body with essential nutrients

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet. They are full of important vitamins and minerals and supply the body with essential nutrients. However, healthy food is not always cheap. Whoever listens to the following tips can eat healthy and their wallet.

1. You can buy seasonal vegetables

Who will save the fruits and vegetables of the season and then buy as far from the Region as possible, money can. But only as long as they grow in farmers’ fields. After that, food will become more expensive. If you want strawberries in winter, don’t be surprised that they cost a lot. In winter, you can put, for example, all possible types of cabbage, such as cauliflower, greens and red cabbage. Apples, on the other hand, a wonderful store.

2. You can buy frozen fruits and vegetables

Frozen fruits, berries and vegetables are better than their reputation. You are crushed, washed, ready to cook and save a lot of cooking time. TK-goods often cost only a fraction of fresh goods. Especially in the case of berries, you can save it.

3. Weigh already packed fruits and vegetables

Prepackaged fruit and vegetables should always have the same Piabet weight, however, there are differences. Weighing food, therefore, is to find the most difficult, and thus get more for your money.

4. You are looking for the wrong vegetables

The provision says that vegetables and fruits must have a certain pattern. Cucumber, for example, must not be too guilty, otherwise you will be sorted. Just stick to this look of the merchandise, because the so-called “Misfits” are often cheaper than the usual fruits and vegetables in the showroom.

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5. Build your own vegetable garden

It doesn’t matter whether on the balcony, in the garden or in the small garden in front of the apartment. If you can, grow your own vegetables. The plants are also in a small apartment with a balcony without problems. Whoever has more space can put tomatoes and turnips. You build varieties of vegetables and fruits that grow in your region.

6. You must buy, without fear of food, overripe

If you want to cook down for the winter, tomato sauce, look for fruit, be careful, which is already overripe, and in many supermarkets there might be hiking in the garbage. Fruits and vegetables with brown spots are a great way to process purees and stews. You usually save a lot of money on these foods.

7. You can buy fruits and vegetables from agricultural associations

For example, from solidarity agriculture. This is usually the yard, which you enter as a consumer, reducing the warranty. You pay the farmer in advance for fruits and vegetables, and then you receive, depending on the crop, monthly per box of fruits and vegetables.

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