FiLMiC Pro MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 7.2.2

With the development of the times, technology also changes day by day. People, especially young people, love new things. Many social networking platforms have expanded and become popular all over the world. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube… Each platform will have certain requirements for interoperability. As a smart user, you always want your account on social networks to be known by many people. There are many different methods. However, focusing your investment on short videos or short films is the best way. That’s why FiLMiC Pro was born. This is an application that helps you make professional videos.

With high-quality video, it’s easier to get your message across. And make them alluring at the same time. In the process of using FiLMiC Pro, you will have many surprises and interesting things. The application will help you save special moments every day. In addition, you will have the opportunity to own thousands of beautiful shimmering photo frames that you can share with everyone or post on social networks. With a scientific and meticulous design, FiLMiC Pro is known as the most advanced camera on a smartphone. Users are supported and familiarized with many features when recording.

Download the FiLMiC Pro module – record ultra-clear and lifelike video

It will not be too difficult for you to master this professional video clip recording application. FiLMiC Pro has important features that put you in control of your movie recording. That is the feature of horizontal shooting, vertical shooting and absolute anti-shake. During the recording process, users can edit the video directly while recording. At the same time, you don’t have to wait for the recording to finish editing like when using the smartphone camera. You can also upload videos directly to social networks. For traveling or if you are short on time, this will save you quite a bit of time!

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Free FiLMiC Pro Modules


FiLMiC Pro features focus and brightness adjustment so you can shoot videos in low light or adverse weather conditions. The videos you shoot will be at the best settings. The most beautiful and highest quality footage will be created by your skilled hands. Flexibility to choose the mode that’s right for you. Modes such as standard shooting mode, manual mode, noise filter, etc. can help you a lot. One of the great things about FiLMiC Pro that we have to talk about is its advanced self-tuning and binning features. This is one of the outstanding features that you should not miss.

Download the FiLMiC Pro module

best quality video

The video quality of FiLMiC Pro is quite different from other video recording applications. Especially when it comes to configuration and resolution. Other video capture applications will have fixed profiles and resolutions. This places a lot of limitations on creating high-quality videos. With this weakness in mind, the creators of FiLMiC Pro have designed the application to respond with quality depending on the configuration and resolution of the device. So depending on the device you have, you can create a video of the desired quality. Usually, the highest video quality produced by FiLMiC Pro is 4K. Then there are the quality levels in descending order of 2K, 1080 or 720p.

FiLMiC Pro module APK

Anti-vibration when rotating

FiLMic Pro will help users overcome common errors when using the device’s camera. Image stuttering issues result in blurry images. With this application, users can safely shoot the camera from any angle without worrying about affecting the image. You can even manually move, tilt, or rotate the device. You can also adjust the darkness, black and white in seconds. The available filters will provide you with powerful support tools. There is a small caveat when using anti-shake mode. That is, the number of frames is set to 30. Because of this level, the anti-shake effect is the best.

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FiLMiC Pro Module for Android

FiLMic Pro has a very elegant and beautiful interface. This is an optimized interface. Function layout in scientific menu. This is convenient for users. You can easily adjust the metrics in the video. Not only that, FiLMic Pro also has the most powerful pixel analyzer when recording video. This results in a product of the desired quality. When done, you can properly manage your photos and videos. Download the FiLMic Pro mod and discover the best video editor and recorder available today.

Download FiLMiC Pro MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) For Android

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