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Using enough diamonds will increase instead of decrease.

What will you do when entering a dark age like Family Town? Cry, suffer or get up and start over with your own hands. If your choice is last, you are a tough guy. Start with something as simple as creating your own nest. Meet and solve problems for comfort in a challenging and accessible life. Do whatever you want. Use it as a great weapon for growth. Financially independent, everything is yours.

The classic match-3 game no longer captures our interest as it once did. But if it’s as diverse as Family Town, you’ll immediately feel the difference. The first is that our game objective will be completely different. Things that appear while playing will be very diverse. It’s no longer just a combo of death and victory. Plus, you get a full story of life in the city. This is the place that will show you the stories of ordinary people.

Download Family Town mod – make your life better

Chloe is an actress with a super talent that is hard to match. However, an incident forced her to leave the place she used to live. We’ll have to rent a dingy motel because that’s all we have in our pocket. So you will start by redecorating yourself with your skills. Then apply this power of your best friend throughout your entire house. Then you need to complete the puzzles to get the rewards. That way, you’ll have more options for fixing things that are too old or unusable. That way, where you live will be completely different in many ways.

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home decoration

Home improvement is just one of the factors we need to change. We also have to innovate from accessories and equipment to furniture. Each change will have up to three different options to choose the one you prefer. Chic, high standard or minimalist styles can all be worn together. Completing the house means you have to solve many difficult puzzles. After these results, significant innovation can be seen. Add decorative accessories to your home, such as lights, plants and rugs, or repaint the walls. As long as we have enough money, we can buy anything in the store.

Family Town mod for free

take care of yourself

Chloe is someone who knows how to take care of herself. However, she has ignored this since meeting her new boyfriend. You need to help her by performing the suggested beauty care sequence. We can style and dye our hair with the right tools. Color your nails and turn them into the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen. Then apply lipstick, brows, makeup and do whatever it takes to look beautiful. Finally, find a dress or skirt that suits her. In the end, your girl will transform and become an amazing beauty.

family town mod apk

explore the city

Chloe also enjoys taking design orders from city dwellers. You will discover its beauty through levels and earned ratings. Each house will be a challenge consisting of many levels. Overcoming it is fixing and updating the whole place. You will also be paid well, accumulating more for yourself. Make friends with your neighbors in the Family Town mod to improve your relationship.

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