Fact Check: Is the picture of Lady Gaga at a Berlin party in 2011 real? Berghain event explored

An old photo of Lady Gaga seated between gay men with blackface has emerged online, sparking some disturbing speculations about the singer’s ideologies. X user Dom Lucre shared the picture on August 19 that has left netizens to wonder whether the photo is real or photoshopped. He wrote that the photo was from a 2011 Halloween party in Berlin and that it was real.

Trigger Warning: This article contains explicit details which might be inappropriate to read for certain age groups. Readers’ discretion is advised.

A user on Reddit shared the same photo in the community @r/LadyGaga five months ago and inquired about the context behind the picture. The user wrote that according to online findings, Gaga supposedly organized a simulated “Gay Slave Auction” where attendees pretended to be slaves and slave masters.

Internet user claims Lady Gaga poses in a photo with gay men wearing Blackface makeup. (Image via X/Dom Lucre)

The Reddit user claimed that the singer can be seen holding a chain in the photo. They added that they would stop listening to Lady Gaga’s songs if the photo is real, as it infers that the singer thought throwing a party that condones blackface was okay.

Netizens explaining Lady Gaga’s viral picture with men in supposed Blackface

According to ‘Gagapedia’, a wiki page for Gaga’s fandom, the photo in question was taken on May 11, 2010, at the Lab.Oratory, a gay s** club situated in the Berghain Complex in Berlin. After performing at the Mercedes-Benz Arena (formerly known as the O2 World), Gaga went to a party at the gay club.

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Photos of Gaga's night out at the Berghain nightclub. (Image via ladygaga.fandom.com)Photos of Gaga’s night out at the Berghain nightclub. (Image via ladygaga.fandom.com)

The singer later shared that her experience in that club inspired her to write the 2011 track Scheiße from her second studio album, Born This Way.

Several people responded to the Reddit user’s post and explained that the men surrounding Gaga were not wearing Blackface makeup, but rather it was chocolate covering their faces. They further elaborated that the chocolate represented their scatology fetishism and that the men were not pretending to be black or mocking the community.

One user wrote that the club purportedly hosts special nights for costumes or fetishes and the picture was taken on one of those nights. The user added that there is no evidence that Gaga knew the men sitting next to her and she was probably extremely inebriated to get a grasp on the reality or know what was happening around her.

Photos of Gaga's night out at the Berghain nightclub. (Image via ladygaga.fandom.com)Photos of Gaga’s night out at the Berghain nightclub. (Image via ladygaga.fandom.com)

Another user clarified that Gaga was not holding the chains as to reflect that she was holding the men around her as slaves. Rather, she was the one whose wrists were in those chains. So, even if the theme of the party was a slave auction, Gaga likely dressed up as a slave too.

However, the user who posted the picture later wrote in the replies that they clarified from other sources that the event was not being hosted by Lady Gaga and that she had nothing to do with the theme of the party. The singer only went there as an attendee after her concert.

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Photos of Gaga's night out at the Berghain nightclub. (Image via ladygaga.fandom.com)Photos of Gaga’s night out at the Berghain nightclub. (Image via ladygaga.fandom.com)

So, even though Gaga’s viral photo from the Berghain party is real, it was not from 2011 as claimed in Dom Lucre’s post, but rather was from 2010. And the men around her were not mocking Black people by wearing Black paint on their faces, but it was rather chocolate face paint for their fetish-themed party.

A news outlet confirmed that the men in the viral photo were not wearing a Blackface

An article by Daily Star published on May 13, 2010, also supports the fact that Lady Gaga did not host the fetish-themed party at Berghain, and nor were the men around her wearing Blackface.

The article stated that Lady Gaga, who was 24 back then went to the basement of the Berghain nightclub which is a notorious gay s** club in Berlin. She was dressed in skimpy black lingeries along with ripped fishnet tights. The club does not offer any VIP treatment. Gaga was only hanging out there with her friends and other clubbers.


Daily Star also wrote that the Bad Romance singer happily posed for pictures every time someone approached her. The two men from the viral photo were among the clubbers who also approached Lady Gaga for pictures while their faces were covered in chocolate body paint. The article wrote that the crowd in the club is open-minded and wild.

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