Ex-Google MD shares inspiring tale from when he was a sales manager at Apple

Parminder Singh, Ex-Google MD, recently took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a lesson that he learned when he was working as a sales manager for Apple. In his post he explained how a few words from a legend of the marketing world helped him overcome his “embarrassment” of working “out of a humble 10×10 cabin in a business centre”.

Ex-Google MD Parminder Singh shared this image from when he worked a sales manager at Apple. (Twitter/@parrysingh)

“I was incredibly proud of working at Apple, and a bit embarrassed! Till I met Shunu Sen,” Singh wrote. In the next few lines, he explained that his job “opened access to CEOs, movie stars, top politicians, the who’s who” but he was embarrassed to meet them at his small office. During that period, he came across Shunu Sen, – “a marketing legend with stellar accomplishments as a Marketing Director for Unilever India”. Singh explained how he met Sen for business and eventually requested him to be keynote speaker at an event. It is at that moment, he had a life-changing conversation with Sen that he still remembers.

Turns out, Sen wanted to visit Singh’s office but the latter was reluctant and explained that his workspace is small. To which, Sen said, “Sure. But never measure your worth with the size of your office or the grandness of your title. Your worth is measured by the value you create for your employer, society and the world.”

Take a look at the entire post here that may leave you motivated too:

The post was shared on August 18. Since being shared, it has accumulated close to 4.9 lakh views and counting. Additionally, the share has collected nearly 2,900 likes. People posted various comments while reacting to the post. Singh also received a reply from Sen’s son.

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“Shunu was my dad, so many thanks for your totally cool story, big smiles and a tear from our family he left behind. Ps: Bat out of hell came from me,” Sen’s son, Rahul Sen, posted. To which, Singh replied, “Oh wow! What a legacy your Dad left. Respect. And thank you!”

Take a look at their conversation below:

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“Lovely story and a lot to learn,” posted an individual. “What a story. Thanks for sharing,” shared another. “Amazing story. Thanks for sharing!” added a third. “Amazing story! Loved it,” joined a fourth. “Inspirational… thank you for sharing,” wrote a fifth.

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