Every Stage Password in River City Girls Zero

river city girl zero Includes a complete password system to jump to any level. This is because the game is a meta port Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio Tachi no Bank, a 16-bit era Super Famicom game without a save function.The latter is just a fictional console game, further emphasizing the point river city girls universe.

The password feature is great, as players will initially only be able to play as River City Ransom heroes Kunio and Riki. In addition, the action settings of the two male protagonists when wearing prison uniforms are also limited. Using the code, players can experience the expanded action and recruit Misako and Kyoko to the team.

river city girl zero There are two layers of menu selection, with the main overlay being an updated user interface for setting options and saving progress.The second one is a virtual game console for playing Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio Tachi no Bank. In order to enter a password, players need to use the latter’s title screen.

Console password in “River City Shoujo Zero”

Password allows players to choose any encounter they want Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio Tachi no Bank. This includes combat stages, boss fights, vehicle sections, and some cutscenes. The password is the same for one-person and two-person sessions. The last number determines the difficulty level, with odds being Easy and even numbers being Normal – however, Normal mode is required to get to Bridge level or above.

Simple/normal mode password

  • 210x: The Game Begins – Prologue
  • 310x: Inside the cell
  • 410x: Gouji boss fight
  • 510x: After defeating Haoji
  • 610x: Hao’s visit cutscene
  • 710x: Planned jailbreak
  • 810x: Jailbreak Attempt
  • 910x: Encounter with prison guards
  • 011x: Main title – end of prologue
  • 111x: Alpine boss battle
  • 211x: Admission to Rejie High School
  • 311x: swimming pool
  • 411x: Hot Knot High School Main Floor
  • 511x: Big tree boss battle
  • 611x: Misako joins Hanazono High School
  • 711x: Garden High School Main Floor
  • 811x: Garden High School Rooftop
  • 911x: Longtai boss battle
  • 012x: Garden High School exits – Kyoko joins
  • 112x: Amusement park entrance
  • 212x: Ferris wheel encounter
  • 312x: A roller coaster of combat
  • 412x: roller coaster ride
  • 512x: Getting off the roller coaster
  • 612x: Kart cutscene
  • 712x: Shinji boss battle
  • 050x: Bike station to pier
  • 812x: Highway exit cutscene
  • 912x: Arriving at the dock cutscene
  • 013x: Warehouse Part 1
  • 113x: Warehouse Part 2
  • 213x: Warehouse Part 3
  • 313x: Shinji’s rematch boss battle
  • 413x: Exiting the warehouse
  • 513x: Alpine arrival at the dock
  • 613x: Highway entrance cutscene
  • 060x: Cycling to the disco
  • 713x: Joe and Lisa boss fight
  • 813x: Enter the Disco
  • 913x: Golden Boss Battle
  • 014x: Leaving Disco
  • 070x: Biking to the pinball hall
  • 114x: Pachinko parlor arrives
  • 214x: Killer outside the pachinko parlor
  • 314x: Entering the pinball hall cutscene
  • 414x: Misuzu boss battle
  • 514x: Living room on the second floor
  • 614x: Fight against Sabu
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Normal mode password only

  • 7142: Leaving the pinball hall
  • 0802: Cycling to Lake Bridge
  • 8142: Crossing the bridge
  • 2152: Inside the cave
  • 3152: Villa entrance
  • 4152: Villa Part 1
  • 5152: Villa basement
  • 6152: Villa Part 2
  • 7152: Misuzu fights another boss battle
  • 8152: Villa Part 3
  • 9152: Meeting Ken cutscene
  • 0162: Boss Ken’s battle
  • 1162: Sabu boss battle
  • 2162: Ending

Watch the entire ending Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio Tachi no Bank It will also trigger the updated ending river city girl zero. One can also quickly save in the middle of cutscenes, although loading will keep exiting the virtual console. In most cases, it’s usually better to use a password to re-advance an already completed stage rather than skipping without context.

river city girl zero Available on Nintendo Switch.

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