Encanto’s Félix & Agustín Have Hidden Gifts, Teases Director

Encanto Director Jared Bush joked that dads Félix and Agustín really have the same hidden talents as the rest of the family. The film was a commercial success, being the first Disney film to top the Billboard 100 with both an album and a single. Encanto Offers entertaining family musicals that tackle difficult topics such as intergenerational trauma and parental expectations through music and the strengths of individual family members.

exist Encanto, the Madrigal family was given unique powers when they were only 5 years old thanks to the magic candle of Abuela Alma, who saved the family from the death of her husband. This candle also powers the Madrigal family’s magical house and allows the family to better serve the community through their gifts. Mirabelle, grandson and one of the main characters, must find her purpose without the special powers bestowed by candles, and fathers Felix and Augustine, who marry into the family. also clearly helpless.

However, the director Jared Bush now joking on my twitter EncantoFelix and Augustine have always had superpowers in ways no one else can see. This may point to the overall theme of the film that everyone has their own special powers, despite what Abuela Alma has said, and Felix and Agustín seem to find their place in the family without there is no real special power position in . Check out Bush’s teaser below:

EncantoFélix and Agustín’s acceptance of the family is limited by the established way in which Abuela Alma runs the family, which is perhaps why they are not included in the family portrait in the home. Mirabelle painted portraits of herself, Felix, and Agustín during the renovation of the house, suggesting that although the trio did not receive gifts directly from the candle, they still hold a special place in the family and each has its own characteristics. However, unlike Mirabelle, Felix and Agustín never seem to question their place in the family in the first place, so adding them to the family portrait only strengthens that perception in their hearts.

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While Bush may not have directly claimed that Félix and Agustín have magical abilities, viewers should take comfort in knowing they have hidden gifts of their own, even if they aren’t magical. Both are loving, supportive fathers who make a living in broken homes and show unconditional love that’s why the Madrigal family bestowed on them in the first place. . Magical or not, Felix and Agustín certainly have special talents of their own. Encanto Everyone can be someone special.

source: Jared Bush/Twitter

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