Emperor Palpatine’s Secret Death Wish Transforms His Rise to Power

Star Wars: The Hidden Empire reveals Palpatine’s struggles with self-destructive urges, showing that he has become aware of his strange behavior.

recently Star Wars The comic offers a fascinating insight into Emperor Palpatine’s soul shortly before his first death. The most powerful and ruthless Sith Lord in the galaxy, Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious) draws his power from the dark side of the Force, feeding his power with hatred and pain. This malice doesn’t seem to be limited to others, however, as Palpatine reveals that he secretly harbors self-destructive feelings and recounts his actions in the Skywalker saga.

problem 4 Star Wars: Hidden EmpireCreated by Charles Saul and Steven Cummings, includes a remarkable moment in which Emperors Palpatine and Darth Vader discuss the Fermata cage, which is said to contain a creature powerful enough to threaten even the ancient Sith Lord their. Palpatine notes that he has a strong desire to confront this enemy and be destroyed by its power, but sees this urge as “silly‘ Despite Darth’s self-loathing throughout Star Wars Canon and Legend, which is the first time Palpatine has expressed such sentiments, strongly suggests that, despite his narcissism and egotistical paranoia, a part of him is still aware of his terrible actions. me.

Emperor Palpatine yearns for destruction

Emperor Palpatinsis' Death Wish

It’s easy to understand the psyche of Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine’s Sith apprentice, as his tragic fall into the dark side begins with a desperate attempt to save his wife. Anakin Skywalker, like many victims of the dark side and Siths, made a Faustian deal that ended in destroying everything he held dear, including Padmé, leaving him alone with his powers. New found power and a ruthless master. Palpatine’s origins, on the other hand, are shrouded in mystery in the current canon, but his past and motivations Correct Explore in continuity Legend has passed.

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Palpatine’s death wish changed everything for him

Early life of Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine’s background revealed in Age of Legends plague James Luceno’s novels show Palpatine as murderous and narcissistic from an early age, with just a little stimulation from Darth Plagueis to transform the future Sith Zun into the Lord who murdered his entire family (including including his father, whom he particularly hates.) Interestingly, this shows that Palpatine – who has spoiled so many others – was indeed born with the capacity to hurt and abuse. others because of their own self-seeking instincts. That’s the opposite of what he thought when he was at the peak of his power Hidden Empire #4some parts of Palpatine desire to destroy or feel the pain of the victim, which makes recent revelations surprisingly broken Star WarsThe last villain is often considered.

hidden empire Provides a fascinating new perspective on Palpatine’s character, as its revelations suggest that the Emperor – someone who uses all his power and influence to avoid death – is somehow yearning for destruction. destroy. This clearly shows that deep down even Palpatine is not completely consumed by the dark side, that some part of him understands the horror he caused, or realizes that the dark side will never really brought him happiness or contentment. In scriptures and legends, Emperor Palpatine deceived death, but his contingencies now seem to be related to his death urges – after all, who planned it? plan for immortality better than the man who is aware of every chance of destruction? Who is Emperor Palpatine- this newest, dimensional villain Star Wars The story only further explores his complex personality.

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