Electrolux 24-inch Compact Washer review

Electrolux 24 inch compact washing machine

MSRP $1,099.00

“Electrolux compact washing machine is very small … and very impressive.”


  • Lots of cycles

  • Steam cleans and disinfects

  • Fast spin for clothes dryer

  • Large capacity for a compact washing machine


  • The drum creates an unpleasant smell if the door is left closed

  • The IQ-Touch keys are not the most sensitive

If you’ve been in the market for a washer and dryer, you probably know there’s a bit of a capacity race going on. Manufacturers want to give you the most cubic feet inside so you can cram as many pounds of clothes in there as possible. But many people don’t have room for cavernous devices, and that’s where compact machines come into play.

Electrolux boasts that its small compact washing machine with IQ-Touch controls with Perfect Steam function has the highest capacity for style. But is it a strong mite or just a weak one?

Little guy

There is no getting around the fact that the Electrolux compact washing machine is laundry. At 33.5 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 25 inches deep, it dwarfs standard-sized machines. It has a boxy look, especially without the accompanying stand that would raise it a little higher off the ground.

Inside is a stainless steel drum; the blue dividers offer a nice little unexpected pop of color. The detergent drawer has three compartments, one for the main wash, one for prewash and the third with compartments for softener and bleach. At the very back of the main wash compartment there is a tab that you turn down for liquid detergent and up for powder. Even with my horribly small hands, it was a little difficult to maneuver back there.

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Electrolux washing machine EIFLS20QSWBill Roberson/Digital Trends

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

The LED screen glows white, and the control panel has many “IQ-Touch” buttons. When the load is started, the start button and selected cycle glow purple white, which is kind of nice. (IQ-Touch is Electrolux’s name for its “always on” buttons, while its “Wave Touch” control panel turns off for a sleeker look when not in use.)

Cycle on

With 14 cycles, this compact washing machine rivals the capabilities of some of its bigger brothers. There are 18 IQ-Touch buttons, including those for Normal, Sensitive, Sanitize and Heavy Duty, which are likely to be among your most frequently used cycles. The buttons are quite responsive, although sometimes I had to press a little harder if my selected cycle didn’t light up.

For those looking to go beyond the normal set-it-and-forget-it cycle, there are plenty of ways to customize.

For those looking to go beyond the normal set-it-and-forget-it cycle, there are plenty of ways to customize. By pressing the temperature button, you can choose between eco-cold, cold, warm and hot, and you can go from no spin to maximum and set the level of soiling from extra light to extra heavy. There is a diagram of the options that work with all cycles in the instruction manual; you cannot have maximum spin if, for example, you are washing delicate laundry. This should prevent you from getting your clothes dirty, but there are many options.

The display is pretty well laid out, although I didn’t know what one of the rounded rectangles marked “middle” was until I pressed the ground level button. Everything else was pretty intuitive. You will also see how long the cycle will take as you add different options. There is a My Favorites button that automatically selects the three cycles you choose the most, but it seems redundant. Of course, you might prefer your delicates to be washed in cold water with a low spin, but it doesn’t take much longer to achieve those specifications.

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A fog of attrition

Along with its package of buttons, Electrolux has added several features that set its washing machine apart from other compact washing machines. You won’t find a sanitizing feature — which heats water hot enough to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and allergens — on many of these small devices. There is also a steam option that allows you to remove odors from dry clothes or boost the power of the stain removal cycle. In addition to a special cycle for jeans, there is also one for wool only. It is finished with a cold rinse so that the sweaters keep their shape.

One feature that was missing was a drum light. Its lack was not noticeable even when washing during the day, but I threw out the laundry at dusk and almost left a shirt behind, thanks to the dark interior of the washing machine.

Will it fit?

Although most Americans are used to larger machines (some have double the capacity of a compact washing machine), the Electrolux machine was still able to handle a decent-sized load. I threw in 11 shirts (a mix of t-shirts, button-downs, and blouses), two pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, a towel, and some miscellaneous stuff, including socks and towels, and it wasn’t too much. Two sets of full-size sheets also fit comfortably in the drum. The cleaning performance was impressive, and being able to select the spin speed and temperature so specifically made a real difference with its gentleness to the fabrics.

Electrolux washing machine EIFLS20QSWBill Roberson/Digital Trends

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Another thing that really impressed me was the accuracy of the washing machine: it was ready exactly when the displayed time promised. It’s not lightning fast though. Normal washing takes 49 minutes, disinfection takes one hour and 42 minutes, and white laundry takes 50 minutes. However, quick washing is done in 22 minutes.

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As can happen with front loading machines, the washing machine developed an odor after a few weeks. There were times when I found the door closed after the staff had used it, which definitely adds to the problem. The Electrolux has a special machine cleaning cycle that is supposed to help with the smell, but I didn’t notice a difference after running it. However, leaving the door open for a few days helped the smell go away.


Electrolux offers a limited warranty that includes a three-year warranty on parts and one year on labor.


The Electrolux Compact Washer is small but significant. It’s a lot of features in a small package that can fit almost anywhere you have water. Electrolux says its 2.4-cubic-foot interior is the largest compact washer on the market, and while I couldn’t fit two weeks worth of clothes in, it wasn’t like I was washing a tea towel at the same time.

The cleaning performance was solid, and the device offers a lot of ways to customize the way you do your laundry. Steam and sanitizing features aren’t something you’ll find on every full-size machine, either, so if you’re in the market for something small, somewhat expensive (it’s $899 at Home Depot), and full of features, Electrolux’s Compact Washer is a good choice.

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