Elden Ring: How to Find (& Use) the Godskin Peeler

How players find and defeat the Godskin Apostle at Windmill Village in Elden RIng. Also, how to use Black Flame Whirlwind Battle Ash

God Skin Peeler is Double Edged Elden’s ring Can be found after unlocking the Great Elevator of Dectus to the Altus Plateau. The Godskin Peeler Twinblade can be found by going to Windmill Village from the Sin Road Grace location until you reach a village where the inhabitants are happily dancing. Divine Skin Peeler Double Edged in Elden’s ring Will be located at the windmill at the top of the village.

As the player approaches the North Windmill, there will be enemies lurking among the dancing crowd. When the player reaches the North Windmill, there will be a boss battle ambushed by the Skin God Apostle. The player will defeat him to obtain the Godskin Peeler Twinblade. In order for the player to be able to use the Godskin Peeler Dual Blades properly, the player’s minimum attribute requirement must be 17 Strength and 22 Dexterity.

Twinblade has an E power ratio and a C agility ratio, making it ideal for agile builds. But with Ashes of War from Godskin Peeler’s Dual Blades, Black Flame Tornado adds more damage to Black Flame and players can deal higher status damage. Black Flame Whirlwind in Ashes of War Elden’s ring Creates a vortex of black flames around the player, dealing physical damage and black flame damage to all enemies in its path.

How to Defeat Godhide Apostle in Elden Ring

How to Defeat Godhide Apostle in Elden Ring

If the player holds the Action Skill button, the Black Flame Tornado Ash of War will then perform a heavy blow, knocking light and medium armored enemies into the sky. Tying them to a long healing animation, players can take advantage of this to unleash a heavy hit or a series of light hits. And due to its high stun damage, it can be used to repeatedly hit large enemies and take them down. Unfortunately, Ashes of War’s Black Flame Tornado doesn’t offer invulnerability when activated, so make sure to invest in sturdy armor or cast Black Flame Tornado before enemies get close.

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Double Edged in . Divine Peeling Machine Elden’s ring It resembles all the other Dual Blades in every way except for its powerful attack, which deals a lot of thrust damage, making it perfect for slaying dragons. The Godskin Peeler Twinblade remains effective until the end of the game, making it the perfect choice for any player with a build that focuses on agility or those who enjoy using the splendid Dual Blades.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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