ECHOES of MANA MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers) 1.12.0

ECHOES of MANA MOD APK information

V1: Mod menu

>Damage multiplier>Defense multiplier>Unlimited skill use>One hit kill>Weak enemies

Menu V2: Eliminate weaker enemies

Do not use mods in the tutorial.

ECHOES of MANA’s emotional journey will help you love life more. Unravel the mystery of the ancient sword capable of destroying thousands of enemies. Accompany your friends to the unknown new continent. With determination never wavering, striving to overcome great challenges. Destroy your enemies’ evil plans and make them pay. Friendship will get you everything you want in this world. Achieve lasting peace in this vast and mysterious world.

We remember the legendary turn-based games created by Square Enix. One such success comes from the popular Mana series released for consoles and PC. It’s now available on mobile to expand its reach. Help people remember previous versions of Extraordinary Adventures. It also aggregates all the elements that are already there to create a relatively large variety. Although it is only 2D graphics, it brings the same attraction as other super products in the game world.

Download ECHOES of MANA mod – join a journey full of surprises

The peaceful lives of the people are being turned upside down by the ravages of dark forces. They create something that can corrupt the world and destroy living things. Only the Goddess of Swords can restore the original balance. To save the world from impending doom, people set out together. Embark on a difficult and dangerous journey. You will constantly face random levels of enemies. During these encounters, you will be attacked in turn. It helps if you can take down your opponents before they wipe out your entire team. Explore the plot and grow stronger according to your income.

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increased strength

After completing the quest, we can get a lot of experience points. After that, the character will accumulate and gradually level up for himself. Enhanced senses can increase their skill stats. Make these skills more effective and kill enemies quickly. This will help your party members reach maximum level by killing enemies. Monsters on the road are also a decent source of experience. When the whole team is strong, there is a great synergy. Overcome big challenges with ease and make a positive difference. When we invest in the underlying index, you will see results.

Echoes of the free MANA Mod

many characters

The characters in MANA’s ECHOES are diverse and compiled from previous versions. Everyone has abilities beyond the comprehension of the common man. These are skills they can deploy in battle. More specifically, it can create an unfavorable state for the opponent. Some can rejuvenate your teammates for longer fights. So their roles are divided into warrior, gunner, magician and assistant. These factors will make a perfect formation for your purposes. Help get many victories against the powerful forces of the bad guys.

MANA's ECHOES mod apk

Play online

You can find other players to play against them and compare individual skills. The rules of the game will also be similar to how you fight with normal enemies. The only difference is that when the player can think and develop individual skills, you will have more difficulty. For example, let’s say you invite them to collaborate. If fighting through giant dungeons is not your thing, earn the unique rewards of the ECHOES of MANA mod.

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Download ECHOES of MANA MOD APK for Android (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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