Dungeons & Dragons: The 10 Best Magic Items For Barbarians

Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Glory Got some hype for its seemingly shameless leaning into the absurd Dungeons and Dragons. Of course, this means new players are entering the game, and many newbies often choose the savage Barbarian.

Barbarians are attractive because they have more health, and they attack harder and take hits harder. Still, they can’t rely solely on their own brute strength. Sometimes, a magic item or two can turn a barbarian into a whirlwind of death.

Adamantite Armor

Adamantite armor is a simple magic item that requires no attunement. It doesn’t offer any bonuses or fancy tricks compared to regular medium or heavy armor. In fact, it’s not rare, just a rare item. However, what makes it so powerful is that it can turn any critical hit into a normal attack.

This effect is even more useful for Barbarians, as it allows them to start making reckless attacks with impunity. The biggest risk a barbarian faces while raging is always critical hits. Now, that concern is largely eliminated. This is a wonderful magic item that goes well with any other item.

rangers cape

Jianghu Haijiao in 5e

Rangers Cape smells faintly of sulfur. While a barbarian wears this cloak, they gain the ability to cast a dimension gate spell as an action once per day. Dimension Gate is a very powerful spell for smart Barbarian players.

The ability to teleport for free before going berserk can spell disaster for any enemy group. There’s nothing scarier than a bunch of muscle strapped to an axe, leaving a bunch of unsuspecting enemies to die. Plus, the fact that it doesn’t require attunement makes it an underrated magic item.

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Wound Closure Amulet (requires coordination)

5e Wound Closure Amulet

Barbarians will inevitably suffer some injuries in battle. Frankly, when one’s primary mode of attack is slashing, it only makes sense for a few victims to fight back. For these injuries, wound closure aprons are very convenient.

While wearing this pendant, if a barbarian is about to die, they will automatically stabilize at the start of their next turn. Additionally, whenever they roll to restore health, the health restored is doubled. It ensures that the barbarians return to the battlefield as quickly as possible. Think of an amulet that makes a barbarian become like Wolverine.

Cloak of Protection/Ring of Protection (requires coordination)

Cloak of protection in 5e

Again, another simple magic item for a relatively simple class. The Protection Cloak does exactly what it says on the tin, protects its user. The cloak and ring provide +1 to AC and all saving throws, a necessity for reckless barbarians.

Since some barbarians choose not to wear armor, this is a good option to make them just as difficult to hit as more armored or more dextrous party members. Saving Throws are a true savior as it balances out many of the Barbarian’s weaker stats, especially Intelligence and Wisdom.

Warning weapon (requires coordination)

warning weapons in 5e

While the Barbarian already has Danger Sense, this is a more active version of Danger Sense. The weapon provides advantage on initiative checks while on the barbarian’s body. Additionally, they and any companions within 30 feet are unsurprised unless they are incapacitated by magical sleep.

Once attacked, the weapon magically awakens any companions and barbarians from non-magical sleep, removing the element of surprise for enemies. The best part is that it doesn’t even need to be used in combat, just on the player.

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Lucky Stone (needs to be tempered)

Lucky stones in 5e

This is another simple add-on item for the Barbarian, like a cloak/ring of protection. It provides +1 to all saving throws (handy against powerful spells), but the key difference is that instead of increasing AC, it increases ability checks. If the building is not good, many barbarians will get into trouble in social situations. Lucky Stones provide more consistency for external combat RP.

One of the troubles with barbarians is that they don’t have a lot of features that make them better other than hitting objects or being hit by objects. The Lucky Stone mercifully makes the barbarian’s chance of failure a little lower. When paired with the appropriate ASI mission, Lucky Stone is an excellent all-rounder.

Any +1/2/3 magic weapon (requires attunement)

Two magical weapons in Dungeons and Dragons

Barbarians always come back to the tried and true ways of striking, and magic weapons are a necessity for this activity. It doesn’t matter frankly what kind of magic weapon you get, but the fact that it is a magic weapon. This allows the Barbarian to bypass many magic resistances.

However, a good magic item for a barbarian is one with ranged abilities, such as a bow or javelin. For example, the Lightning Javelin solves one of the Barbarian’s bigger problems in combat, which is that they can’t really hit anything that can fly out of their reach.

Spell Resistance Cloak (requires attunement)

Spell Resistance Cloak in 5e

Barbarians can take quite a bit of punishment due to their class traits, but spells are still a tough sell for them. Especially spells that attack non-priority stats such as Intelligence and Charisma. DangerSense provides advantage only on Dexterity saving throws against spells such as fireball. Spell Resistance Cloak provides a simple but powerful effect.

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While wearing this cloak, a barbarian has advantage on saving throws against any spell. Combined with items like Lucky Stones and Protection Rings/Cloaks, one of the barbarian’s weaknesses is slightly addressed.

Manuals and books

The masterpiece in Dungeons and Dragons DnD 5e

These are all named different things, but they all tend to increase one of the character’s base stats by 2, while also increasing the maximum by 2. This is usually gained in the later stages of the game and is well worth getting no matter what stat it is. If this were the primary attribute, it would just make the barbarian more powerful.

This is often the case with manuals, which improve strength, constitution, or agility. In contrast, toms will increase the barbarian’s non-combat abilities and improve saving throws as they affect Charisma, Wisdom, and Intelligence.

Wing Boots (requires coordination)

Dungeons and Dragons Wing Boots

Barbarians can’t hit anything that flies out of their reach, so the obvious solution is to fly at cunning enemies. The best magic item is undoubtedly the Winged Boots. They provide the player with a flight speed equal to their movement speed. For a barbarian who already has faster movement speed, this is amazing.

It allows barbarians to compensate for a flaw in their combat strategy, which is keeping their enemies out of reach. It also allows for some really fun fighting shenanigans. Few creatures can break the grapple of a physically strong barbarian, and a fall from a height is enough to knock down most nonmagical foes.

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