Disney Provides'exclusive' Cinderella Castle Suite tour TikTok

Only the invited, the winners of the contest can stay in the apartment at Cinderella Castle

Walt Disney World just gave fans a look at one of its Orlando theme park’s most exclusive regions.

Last week, the Disney Parks TikTok account shared an “exclusive” video tour of this Cinderella Castle Suite inside the castle at the Magic Kingdom.

The clip is narrated by a Disney cast member describing all the components within the hotel package.

“Welcome to the Cinderella Castle package,” the member states launch as the package doors open. “Not many men and women come here, so here’s a quick look at one of our favorite areas.”

The tour begins inside the king’s room, which includes two huge rooms with the letter “C” above them.

In the second part of the package, the mirror “magically” performs an animated image of “Cinderella”. The stained glass windows on the package also tell the story of Cinderella, window by window.

Later, the narrator discovers the royal bathroom, which has a double sink made from two aluminum sinks “to remind Cinderella of humbler days,” the narrator says.

But above the sink there are only two candlesticks that look like Cinderella’s crown.

The virtual tour also reveals the bathtub, which will be surrounded by three mosaics made of 10,000 bits each of a glowing “celebrity” atop it and also a “royal throne” or bath.

“And if it comes time for the test, we probably won’t offer you a boot, but we will give you a glass slipper,” the narrator says at the end of the clip.

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Since it was posted online on Friday, the clip has been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

According to Business Insider, only guests and contest winners are allowed to stay in the Cinderella Castle suite.

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