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You must have heard the word dictator. Phrase for a leader and a person with absolute authority. A country operating under the command of a dictator is called an autocracy. Have you ever wondered what the life of a dictator would be like? Dictator: No Peace is a fun casual arcade game. The game gives you a chance to experience what it feels like to be a real dictator. Not only that, but you can have your own totalitarian state. Use your strategic thinking skills to expand the autocratic kingdom.

Dictator: No Peace brings a whole new experience to players. Captivating empire style military strategy game. The game has no ultimate graphics. Use only simple and classic graphics for contrasting designs. This helps you focus on developing an effective strategy. Dictator: No Peace provides you with a huge world map system with many different countries. However, the data for these countries is limited to the period 1900-1950. So you’ll notice something different from today’s modern world maps. At this time, many countries were still colonies of Britain and America…

Download Dictator: No Peace MOD APK – Create your own dictator world

In Dictator: No Peace, you must first choose your favorite country. It doesn’t have to be the country you live in. Any country on the world map can be your starting line. Use this country to claim and expand territory from other countries. This game will help you develop a good military strategy. At the same time train you to think and command the army. You will play as a brilliant politician, soldier, president and more. Make another country your colony. Make your army more and more powerful to fight against the attacks of enemies and other countries.

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dictator no peace free mod

strategic play

Dictator: No Peace is a game that pursues new military strategy gameplay. Use your military and economic might to make another country your colony. To build an army, weapons are extremely important and necessary. As in fact, solid defense is always the key to defending the country. In addition, you can make alliances with several countries to develop together. Diplomatic tactics are also used. Link sectors like industry, commerce and agriculture to increase your country’s GDP. The strength of a nation is measured by the number of stars. You can attack countries with lower number of stars.

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When you start the game, you have to choose your country. After the selection is done, the game officially begins. Dictator: No Peace The system will give you 100 gold by default. However, for a country, this amount is too little. More than ever, upgrading domestic products has become more urgent. Because this is the main source of income for gold making. The second is to upgrade domestic technology. Thus, your country’s weapons and machinery will be improved. After qualifying, you should proceed to upgrade your army. From navy, air force to infantry, began to attack small countries.

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benefit from gold

If you want to be the master of the world, you must have great power in the first place. Gold is the only currency circulating in the dictator’s world: there is no peace. So the amount of gold determines the rise and fall of a country. The game progresses over time so the amount of gold will also increase every second. You need to hoard them to buy the necessary items for the country. There are different ways to increase your gold reserves. As mentioned above, the first way is to upgrade the country’s manufacturing activities. Or you can use commodity trading. Use these strategies in your colony as well.

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dictator without peace mod android

To dictatorship: without peace, it is easy to become hegemony. Classic game style but attract players every second. The game content is very funny. Play Dictator: No Peace no matter where you are. This game will help you to get rid of fatigue in daily work. In addition, the game helps players learn how to design and build strategies. At the same time, have an understanding of the mechanism of operation and existence of a country. Download Dictator: No Peace MOD APK and become the greatest dictator of all time.

Download Dictator: No Peace MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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