Davido Narrates His Meeting With IGP Adamu Over #EndSars Protests

Popular Nigerian artist David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, recounted his meeting with Police Inspector General Mohammed Adamu about the #End-Sars protest.

It will be recalled that Davido tweeted inviting all his friends to join him in meeting with the Inspector General of Police.

According to him, he invited Falz, Rinu and Mr. Macaronia to meet him in Abuja from Lagos, but they all refused.

“They said they preferred to stay in Lagos and continue coordinating the protests so our legs don’t give out and we all leave the base. I had to respect that,” Davido tweeted.

#EndSARS convener Segalinks, Ubi Franklin, Korede Bello, Dbanj, CDQ and others were present at the meeting Davido had with the Police IG.

The singer revealed that he never went to the PGI office to deny the protest: “I never went there to deny the protest. My comment was taken out of context.

“Today my team and I met senior police officers at their headquarters in Abuja to discuss the #End-Sars protests and the way forward. I want to make it clear that I never went there to deny the protest.

My comment was taken out of context. I was trying to explain that I was not at the protest to cause trouble or fight as you can hear me on the video, but I was in solidarity with all Nigerians demanding an end to police brutality. I also explained to Mr. Frank Mba. PRO force. that my intention in leaving Lagos for Abuja was not to lead a protest as many thought.

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I finally got a call from the Police IG to go to Abuja for the stakeholder meeting scheduled for Monday morning. That was the reason for my trip and my tweets in Abuja.

As for the talk about ‘denying a protest’ and lying for intimidation or whatever. It’s a shame that today, blogs that should be focused on fighting for a cause have to spread lies. And it’s a shame I have to explain. but i have to. mr. Mba saw my videos and photos on social media protesting in solidarity with my fellow Nigerians and asked me what happened because he also knew that was not the plan. I then explained my reason for engaging with the protesters and took them to the force headquarters so that I could speak with the officers responsible for the arrests. I was there until they assured us that all the protesters had been released and we left soon after. Hence my explanation of ‘I did not protest’.

[b] I am not afraid of the police or the protests. [/b]

David and PGI Adam

I had someone live on IG because as usual I try to engage people every step of the way. This movement belongs to each of us and no one can claim to be its leader.

The room we were in where the video was leaked was Mr. Mba. We waited there for a short while for the IG to see us. The actual meeting with IG, although recorded, has not yet been shared. There we talked extensively about the issues facing youth and us as a nation. I never claimed to be the voice of the people. nor can I claim to have personally been a victim of SARS. But as a young Nigerian, there is no way I can remain silent on this matter and not help as much as I can, as wrong as that may seem to some. The crime here would be inaction.

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I am Nigerian FIRST. David Adeleke second.

I would like to thank the IG for agreeing to meet us on such short notice and listening to us, the great Nigerian youth, for being so inspiring and showing the world that things are changing. and I would like to especially thank the REAL voices of this movement: our WOMEN. They were the backbone of the protest. and we must protect them at all costs. Finally, let us never forget those who tragically lost their lives to police brutality before and during these protests. Always yours. David Adeleke”

Davido recounts his meeting with IGP Adamu for the #EndSars protest



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