Cute clip of a disabled duck using his special wheelchair

The cute duck couldn’t move because the fox attacked it. The duck has been taken to a pet sanctuary and there is little hope the duck will be able to walk again.

The staff even thought that the duck’s quality of life would be lower. There will be nothing interesting for her.

They put the cute duck in the water to see how it reacts. The cute duckling started to move its legs instinctively. Her stroller is unique with large wheels.


A wheelchair is like a monster truck. The wheelchair is comfortable both at home and on the street.

They used a wheelchair to move the duck because it has nerve damage and its condition will improve. The duck is called Kiwi. He acts so sweet and feels like a star.


She expressed joy and felt proud of herself. The scene is so sweet and touching. The duck has a very bright personality and will soon get stronger and stronger.

Here is the video:

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