Can you spot the strange animal lurking among the beavers in the picture in 9 seconds?

Nathaly Vizarreta 5.3.2023 11:43 m.

Today, Depor brings you entertainment picture puzzles So you try to identify the infested animal among a huge flock of beavers. Only if you are a high IQ person will you be able to successfully pass today’s challenge and within the time limit we have set.

This quiz is also a good way to test how smart you are depending on how you decide to solve the problem you will have to scan and try to find the answer using your logical reasoning skills.

To win, you will have to think a little differently, because the answer is not right in front of your eyes and it is not as simple as you think. Do you think you will be able to find strange animals hidden among the beavers? Test your observation right now!

Instructions for solving the visual test

In the photo we are going to leave you below, you have to identify an animal other than the beaver. You just need to have a clear mind and you should be able to locate it in 9 seconds or less. Pay attention and notice even the smallest details. Time is passing! The odd animal is in the seventh row and in the fifth column. The strange animal has a different nose and mouth without ears.

See visual test images here

In this picture puzzle, try to identify the strange animal hidden among the beavers in the picture. (Photo:

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See the visual inspection solution here

It has 10 rows and 12 columns filled with similar beavers. To find an unusual animal in 9 seconds, you need to quickly look at all the rows and columns.

We have highlighted the strange animal in the image below.  (Photo: have highlighted the strange animal in the image below. (Photo:

We hope you enjoyed solving this optical illusion challenge with us. You can visit for your daily dose of mental exercise and joy. Addressing these optical illusions can help you notice and pay more attention to detail. We have a lot of optical puzzles to help you achieve the above skills.

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