Can you spot the ‘ninja’ cat before it reveals its hiding place?

Cats are masters of camouflage and this video shared on Reddit proves that perfectly. It shows a cat hiding in plain sight. You may have a hard time spotting the cat in the beginning of the video and have to wait till it comes out of its hiding place to scare a dog.

The image shows a dog running around in a green field. (Reddit/@meg12marie)

The video is posted with a short but apt caption that reads, “Ninja cat”. The video opens to show a backyard of a house filled with grass. A dog is seen jumping around in the green field. Suddenly, a cat jumps in front of it – and for a moment it seems like the kitty appeared out of nowhere. Only when you take a second look at the video, it becomes clear that the cat was hiding in the grass.

Take a look at this video to see if you can spot the cat before the clip ends:

The video was posted two days ago. Since being shared, it has gathered close to 1,400 upvotes and the numbers are quickly increasing. Additionally, the share has also accumulated tons of comments from people.

How did Reddit users react to this video of a camouflaging cat?

“Dog is completely nonplussed,” commented a Reddit user. “Ninja cat forgot it was daytime outside or else ninja cat would have definitely done some damage!” joked another. “If my eyes didn’t deceive me, that cat was Kung-fu fighting,” added a third. “It’s like a law enforcement field training simulator with pop-up bad kitties. The pup maintained excellent tactical control given the blindside ambush,” wrote a fourth.

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