Can you find the robot hidden in this optical illusion? Only the fastest and most observant can spot it in 13 seconds or less!

How is the search for robots progressing? Have you found out where he is hiding?

Okay, here’s a trick – look for the robot’s eyes. Since animals and inanimate objects have different eyes, try to find another pair.

Still not getting it? Come on, it’s right in front of your eyes. Try to find the robot, just pay attention to the image.


Hurry up! Time will end soon. 3… 2… and 1! Oh no, time is up! Have you discovered where the robot is hiding?

Congratulations, if you find the robot, you are a real puzzle master. If you can’t find the robot, that’s okay, don’t be discouraged. Just scroll to the top again and try again without a countdown. Now, here is the solution.


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