Can you find the hidden number in 5 seconds in this optical illusion vision challenge?

Nathaly Vizarreta 5.03.2023 11:19 m.

Today at Depor we want to test how good your observation skills are. So we will test your vision through a visual challenge optical illusion where you will have to find the figure that is hidden with the naked eye in the picture that we will leave you in the lines below.

Optical illusions are incredible images that challenge your perception and test your ability to see. They have become part of the entertainment content enjoyed by social media users, as they often challenge our perception of reality.

There are several techniques used in these fascinating and captivating images, such as perspective, color, and contrast that provide information about how our brains process visual information. In addition, it also brings great benefits to our health such as improving cognitive ability and stimulating the brain to think creatively.

Guide to solving the optical illusion challenge

In the image that we are going to leave you with in the lines below you will see a simple red background with a hidden number embedded in it and you only have 5 seconds to identify that number. Only those with special observation skills can complete this challenge within the time limit.

See the challenge photos here

There is a hidden number in this optical illusion. You can see? (photo: jagranjosh)

See the solution to the challenge here

If you are still looking for the hidden number, you can focus on the image to try to identify the number. On the other hand, if you need to check your answer, you can check the solution we leave you below:

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DJ32VYLLNVGXRJZUUKYN64US6U.pngThe hidden number is “784” and can be seen in the center of the image, it is mixed with the colors so it is difficult to see at first glance. (photo: jagranjosh)

We hope you enjoyed solving this optical illusion challenge with us. You can visit for your daily dose of mental exercise and joy. Addressing these optical illusions can help you notice and pay more attention to detail. We have a lot of optical puzzles to help you achieve the above skills.

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