By showing what your eyelashes are like, you will know if you are a genius

Héctor Honores Molina September 20, 2023 05:55 p. m.

Please be completely honest, because if you choose otherwise, the revelations you receive will not be what you expected. In this visual test You will only need to recognize what kind of eyelashes you have and your answer will reveal if you are a genius. Think carefully and analyze, because you will only have a few seconds.

Up to three alternatives can be seen on the chart. Each of them has a different shape of eyelashes and you will have to choose the one that is most similar to the shape of yours. Once you have your answer in mind, it will be your turn to carefully read its meaning.

Look at the illustration and choose an option

As we indicated, it’s time to be honest in this visual test. Do not hesitate for a second in your answer. If necessary, stand in front of the mirror and more precisely determine which of all the options is right for you.

You just need to choose the option that most closely resembles the shape of your eyes and you will be able to get the results of the visual test.| Photo: namastest

Find out the results of the visual test

First card: You are naive. You easily accept what others tell you without checking whether the facts are true or not. Consequently, you suffered various problems because you did not discern some situations on your way.

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Second card: Extremely convincing. You convince many people to get what you want at any cost. This has come at a negative cost, as many see you as “taking advantage”.

Third card: You don’t play with others. Stay away from it; preferring his peace of mind above all else. You like to help without getting anything in return and, above all, you don’t believe everything they tell you without first asking if it’s true.

What is a personality test and what is it for?

A personality test is a psychometric tool designed to assess and measure a person’s traits, behaviors, characteristics and preferences in relation to their personality. These tests aim to provide a deeper understanding of how a person thinks, feels and behaves in different situations.

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