BURST TO POWER MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Skills) 1.4.1p2

To show our strength, we always duel the enemy. To realize this desire in the easiest way, let BURST TO POWER help you. Push yourself to the limit and find new potential. Crush all opponents who dare to destroy the peace of the earth. Witness extraordinary technology unleashed anytime, anywhere. Your desire to fight endlessly will be satisfied today.

BURST TO POWER is a high quality product of the fighting game genre. A lot of good ideas and feats went into everything in it. Highly realistic 3D graphics will make players extremely satisfied. Followed by powerful battlefield sounds from different attacks, you will feel like you are fighting. There are many wonderful things waiting for you to discover.

Download mod BURST TO POWER – overcome your power limit

Your peaceful world is being thrown into chaos by an evil god named Gloggle. People all over the world are now living in fear and death. Please don’t stand still, let this go, stand up and fight him. Along the way, you will meet many different great challenges. It was an evil minion with an almost invincible combat effectiveness. Challenge them to a duel and show your bravery. Punches, kicks and special skills that you can perform to destroy them. It just takes a little practice and ingenuity to win.


epic war

In combat, you must use both skillful control and sharp mind. Your character will have buttons to perform his necessary actions. All of these will include attack, defense, energy accumulation, energy ball shooting, and flying. Your stats will maintain HP, Soul Strength, Rage Points, and Endurance. If you’re stuck in a situation where something is lacking, you’re at a disadvantage. Try to deal a lot of damage to the enemy so that they run out of health as quickly as possible. Please don’t give them a chance to counterattack consecutively, or you will lose.

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Unlock new abilities

The characters in BURST TO POWER all have potential you didn’t know existed. To get the best out of each, you need to take them to the next level. Collect resources from victories to increase power. New abilities will give them higher breakthroughs, more important new skills, and greatly improved attributes. You can learn how to use new skills to create combos. Quickly fight stronger enemies and maximize your win rate. Get the best treatment for your favorite heroes.


custom team

In some levels, you must have teammates to overcome the required challenges together. From here, players are free to create their own dream team. See which hero is the best and most sensible in your collection. Put them where necessary to accompany your main character. Plunge into dark and dangerous places with fearsome monsters and enemies, and work together to take them down at lightning speed. Moreover, you can switch characters at will, making fighting more convenient.


Powerful conversion

As mentioned above, pushing the character to the limit is absolutely necessary. You can do this in the wars you participate in. When the hero’s energies are brought to the limit by the basic elements, they change. I was surrounded by an aura of great power. At this point, the fighting force will increase many times like you are rescuing a monster. Moving or attacking has become more intimidating. Speed ​​is also significantly increased, turning your target into a moving sandbag. You can grow further.

Play the BURST TO POWER mod and complete the impossible missions. After a process of practice, you will quickly find yourself again and improve a lot.

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Download BURST TO POWER MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Skills) for Android

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