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Do you enjoy brain teasers? This brain teaser is designed to test your intelligence and present a fun challenge. In puzzles like these, viewers have to make good guesses, whether it’s solving a mystery or simply adding a fun twist to the puzzle. To solve this puzzle, you will have to think creatively because the answer will not be immediately apparent. In this puzzle, your task is to identify the person who stole the wallet from the store. We’ve presented you with four different people from four different places, each with their own legitimate reasons for being excluded from suspicion. This puzzle is designed to assess problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking skills. Police questioned all four suspects in this case and determined that each person was in the store at the time of the theft, but none of them admitted to stealing the wallet. Viewers are advised to look closely at the images as this puzzle is not as simple as it seems. For those who want to know the answer, see the picture below:

(Source: Bright Side)

Still haven’t spotted the thief? Let us help you a little. First, let’s review each suspect’s statements: – Suspect 1 claimed, “It wasn’t me; I was looking at my child.” – Suspect 2, the man with the camera, said: “Well, it’s not me. He took the photo.” – Suspect 3, the girl at the checkout counter, stated, “I was already helping the next customer.” – Suspect 4, who appears to be a pilot, stated, “I have bad eyesight; I can’t see anything.” But wait, do you really believe suspect 4 can afford to have low vision, considering he’s a pilot? We doubt Suspect 4 has much reason to lie; maybe he is a thief. Well, the answer is, “SUSPECT 4 IS A THIEF.” Did you manage to find the thief? Congratulations if you played a successful detective. If you liked this challenge, here are more interesting stories for you:

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