Brain Teaser: ‘Genius can solve in 6 seconds.’ Can you?

Mathematics is not a subject that many people enjoy. However, those who deal with it can understand the incomparable satisfaction of getting the problem right. And if you’re a true math whiz, we’ve got a brain teaser challenge for you. One Instagram page shared it with the claim that ‘geniuses can solve it in six seconds’. Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and prove you’re a genius?

Brain Teaser: Can you solve this math question? (Instagram/@quiz_master_idea)

“A genius can solve it in 6 seconds,” reads the description of the brain teaser shared on the Math Instagram page. The question is: What is the result of ‘7+5-4+8+6*0’? The site offers four options to choose from. Option A says 22, option B says 0, option C says 16, and option D says none of these. Can you solve this math problem in six seconds? Your time starts now…

Check out the puzzle here:

They shared the puzzle five days ago on Instagram. Since then, it has been viewed more than 3.4 million times and received almost 2,000 likes. Many even took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See how people reacted to this brain teaser below:

“0 is the right answer,” the individual posted.

Another added: “16 is the correct answer.”

“None of this,” shared a third.

A fourth wrote: “Finally multiply by 0.”

Many in the comments section unanimously agree that “22” is the correct answer to this question.

Did you manage to solve this puzzle? If so, what kind of answer did you get?

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