Archive 81: The Purpose Of The Circle Movie & Why It’s So Important

circle is a Netflix fantasy series Storage 81 — but what is its purpose, and why is it so important? In this ready-made horror adaptation of the podcast of the same name, video archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie) explores the secrets of a centuries-old cult through the tapes of Melodie Pendras (Dina Shihabi). The circles are just one part of the mystery that Dan has unraveled. This is why a horror movie is so important to Vos Society.

Storage 81 many references to major movies, but circle Easily the most important of them. circle Introduced in the first episode Storage 81 When Dan received one of the few copies left. Director William Crest’s 1958 film never aired and became obscure and legendary. Even a video archiver like Dan Turner has trouble getting his hands on it – but no one is as eager to get it as the mysterious Vos Association. at first glance, circle It sounds like an old cult horror movie – and it is – but there’s a lot, much more behind it.

Storage 81Vos Association on circle itself, but the snuff film inspired it.exist Storage 81 Season 1, Episode 4, “Spirit Receiver”, Crest’s daughter and Melody In Visser’s guest, Evie Crest, explains that her father made the film after witnessing a real snuff movie at a bachelor party. What’s more, the movie Crest saw actually captured the first human sacrifice Voss would make to bring demigod and demigod Kellogg to our world. The film shows Iris Vos, once the leader of the Vos Association, slicing the throat of the maid Rose in a ceremony intended to unify the world. While that ritual failed, the footage would prove important when the cult made its next attempt in 1994.

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Due to the nature of the source material, The Vos Society in Storage 81 It was clear that they were desperate to get it – they even got a call to speak to William Crest and locate it. That’s because the snuff film helped them in two ways: it provided guidance for a ritual that hadn’t happened since 1924, but it also thinned the veil between the real world and the outside world. that. Melody’s mother and Baldung’s sidekick, Bobbi, revealed that watching the film could undo the spell that closed the door between the two worlds. By playing the video, they were able to open the door without Baldung’s magic. With the desire to complete the ceremony in the given amount of time, the camera will be a key component. However, the ceremony fails due to the lack of Baldung’s key.

However, the footage ultimately serves its purpose, as it allows Storage 81Dan went into another world and brought Melody home. There are a lot of small passages in it Storage 81 finally tied together, and circle At first, it seemed to be nothing more than a small piece Storage 81 universe. However, a humble 100-year-old clip turns out to be an essential part of saving Melody’s life – and potentially preventing Kaelego from entering the real world.

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