Anas Aremeyaw Name Pops Up In Child Ràpe Case

The call of ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has popped up in an difficulty that occured approximately five (five) years in the past concerning the rape of minors in Akosombo inside the Eastern Region, mandynews.Com has filed.Although Anas played no direct or indirect component inside the saga, Eric Yaw, his accuser believes Anas failed to assist disclose the abusers of the little youngsters due to the fact cash was not involved.

According to Eric Yaw, he known Anas numerous times and spoke about the problem with Anas promising to assist but never did. He said despite the fact that Anas did not without delay ask him for cash earlier than he helped, he said Anas impliedly hinted him.

Read his full account:

About five years ago, long before this whole Anas controversy became a thing I called him corrupt. Here’s what happened. A friend of mine used to live in Akosombo as a child. She was repeatedly raped by two men from age six to ten. It turned out these guys are still raping children in Akosombo. What prompted me to contact Anas was an audio recording which was sent to me by my friend. In the audio a group of boys in a boys brigade were being warned to keep mute about an alleged rape by one of the leaders. Long story short, I spoke to the guy who secretly recorded the meeting. He told me a lot including how the gang were abusing little boys in the brigade. I contacted Anas looking for help. He never carried thru his promise to help but I was left with no doubt he was a corrupt person. I spoke to him several times and trust me he’s not ok. I must add also that tho he never openly asked me to pay him money, the innuendos implied it. At that time I spoke to a lady friend about my fears. She was so into this whole Anas thing she started making excuses for him. Maybe he has other important cases. Maybe he’s right, these investigations cost a lot etc. After this conversation I decided not to pursue the matter anymore. I can’t say more because the rape victim and the secret recorder insists I keep their secrets. I don’t know but I just thought I should let people know why I think he’s dodgy. Btw those kids are still being raped.

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