An incredible optical illusion shows a familiar fishing scene… but can you see what’s happening to his legs?

An impressive optical illusion that represents a family enjoying fishing has baffled users of social networks.

People were left fearing someone was kidding them after they couldn’t figure out how the father was apparently “floating” on top of the water.


Can you imagine how this dad seems to be floating on a family fishing trip? Credit: reddit

The incredible image of the adorable family day managed to anger users online after they were stunned.

The boy is seen proudly posing with his son and daughter by the riverbank as they triumphantly hold up their catch.

Although the limbs of the barefoot youth are visible, their father’s feet do not appear to exist.

Social media users were baffled at how the shirtless dad stood upright without the support of pins.

Some suspected the image was photoshopped as they tried to decipher Dad’s apparent levitation abilities.

But it turns out that in this optical illusion there was a pretty simple explanation for the guy floating on top of the water.

In fact, dad has a pair of legs, inadvertently hidden by the bodies of his children.

She seemed to take a wide stance on the embankment as she prepared for a photo with her prized fish.

If you look closely, you can see her brown boots peeking out from behind her son and daughter’s legs in the video.

His dark jean shorts blended seamlessly into the water, making him appear to float on top of the water.

A Reddit detective has revealed the answer to users desperate to put them out of their misery.

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They explained: “Her legs are tucked behind the children, at a right angle.

– It is not edited with Photoshop, but maybe they did this pose on purpose.

Others could hardly believe it had taken them so long to figure it out.

One said, “Wow, it took me too long to see what’s going on here.”

Another wrote: “It took me a long time to figure out where her feet are!”

And a third added: “This is one of the good accidental camouflages.”

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Tipko's legs were hidden behind the bodies of her children in the video.


The boy’s legs were hidden behind the bodies of his children in the video Credit: Reddit

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