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Become an alien and invade in the game Alien Invasion. With the advancement of science and technology, humans have grown to an array the size of the Milky Way. But it also makes the human world a target of alien invasion. You are also one of the earth invaders who are attracted to the earth and start destroying it. You set off on a journey through space and finally found a habitable planet. You will wage war in the human world and develop aliens. Play as aliens and destroy the planet where humans believe in their power.

After an uncertain space adventure, you discover a planet with life. Your world invasion has started as an alien. You eat people slowly and everything on earth will soon be destroyed. No one can stop the alien monsters like you, but you still need to be careful. Humans will send powerful machine warriors to prevent you from destroying the earth. Grow the power of the aliens before the humans turn against you. Enjoy the feeling of bringing destruction to the world in the form of an alien.

Download mod Alien Invasion – Make an alien invasion

Humans confidently display their power without knowing anything about the outer world. But disaster strikes them when a planetary monster named you appears and approaches. You have aimed for Earth, where everything will soon be destroyed, including humans. Aliens like you already possess powers that surpass all living creatures on Earth. And you are almost an invincible existence in the vast universe. But with the most modern technology in the world, they are very confident in their strength. You want to invade the world, but be ready to fight before fighting the humans.

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Alien Invasion Mod

Alien Invasion

Humans have invaded other planets and are looking for mysteries. They eventually bring back a strange creature and embark on a research project. Their technology gradually discovers that it is alien and can evolve. They were ecstatic when they found the new creature, unaware that it was a potential disaster. This creature has awakened and grown to a level that humans cannot control. They know what they did was wrong, but regret won’t change anything. So become an alien that has been captured by humans and take revenge by invasion.

Alien Invasion apk

alien escape

You will play as an alien monster and give it back all that humans have done. Humans have captured an extragalactic creature and studied it extensively. It is a strange creature that hates the deprivation of human freedom. And the opportunity for him to break through his studies and start his revenge journey also comes. You frantically kill those who try it and begin your journey of conquest. You have instilled the will to take revenge in spite of the innocent. So he became a monster that escaped from the human experiment and took revenge on all the perpetrators.

Free Alien Invasion

alien evolution

You’ve become a monster that escaped from human experimentation, and you’re still not lucky enough. Your revenge journey has only just begun, you must evolve to become stronger. You will have to eat as many people as possible to evolve to the next level. Your attack will improve and the quest for revenge on humanity is nearing completion. Your evolution needs to be comprehensive to survive the test. If you evolve aliens, the damage caused by society will disappear. Instead, dare to test yourself, proceed with evolution and destroy the human world.

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alien invasion mod apk

An alien monster was captured by humans and put to the test. But you were lucky to escape the human grip and thirst for revenge. The alien invasion begins when you start hunting for scientists. They are the ones you hate the most, use them as a starting point for your revenge plan. But in order to become stronger, one must constantly destroy humanity and keep growing. If your aliens can eat a certain number of people, they will evolve. Download the Alien Invasion mod and help the alien monsters take revenge and invade the Earth.

Download Alien Invasion MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Resources)

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