Aldi sends you a box spring bed into the Land of dreams, but it ends up disappointing

in the coming week in the Aldi brochure again many offers. This time, Discount wants to take you to Dreamland with a box spring bed. Every week,

in the coming week in the Aldi brochure again many offers. This time, Discount wants to take you to Dreamland with a box spring bed.

Every week Aldi, Lidl, Rewe & co. attract your customers with seasonal discounts offered on Mondays and Thursdays in their stores. Especially the Aldi Süd group, you can always come up with new ideas.

Aldi Süd Prospekt, from Monday, January 28, 2019, under the magnifying glass

If it is snowing and very cold outside, there is nothing better than relaxing in bed einzukuscheln. In addition to fleece blankets, quilts & co. Aldi Süd even offers a complete, high-quality interactive box spring bed. It can be from the price-performance ratio with discount mattress-breakers to keep up? We’ll tell you if it’s really a bargain.

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Aldi Süd-“Highlight of the week” from January 21, 2019:


The “modern” box spring bed in classic gray therefore comes with a quilt in the padded headboard. Box is with Bonell springs and delivery of two mattress cores each measuring 90 x 200 cm with a comfortable 7-zone pocket spring core (350 springs gross per two square meters) in 1 x level H2 and 1 level of hardness H3 of hardness. These are in the mattress cover. Deck area is (W x D) approximately 180 x 200 cm, head height (W x D) is approximately 108 cm, deck height is 60 cm and footprint (W x D) is approximately 182 x 212 cm. Topper in white color is included. The item is not in stock in the store, but it can be purchased there and obtained for free at home>. The warranty period is three years. Price: €999.

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Amazing thing: a similar model is currently available on Amazon. However, you can choose from many different sizes and colors. The Boxspring bed costs the online delivery giant, however, a whopping €100 less and will also be delivered to your door. So here the discounters can’t really score points.

Relaunched: Why was it changed to Aldi-Süd prospectus?

Aldi Süd Prospekt got an update some time ago. “With the revision, we want to give our customers a better overview of our current offers,” Alexandra Baukrowitz, Aldi Süd’s marketing manager, said recently, compared to technology portal Chip Online.

Thus, starting from the calendar week, customers will find 40 food and household products at the very beginning of the prospectus on the first pages. Under the motto “brand firecrackers at an Aldi price” there is now an astonishing number of brand offers advertised there.

The weekly offers fashion, electronics & co. customers, however, usually only start on page 16/17 in the second part of the Aldi Süd brochure.

Aldi Süd, following in the footsteps of its discount competitors, Lidl, has been offering a branded product for several years. In addition, Aldi Süd will be modernized for some time, stores, and customers can now also take coffee from the machine on site or get vegetables and fruits in bulk. Plus, instead of baking machines and food cartons, there are now fancy bread racks and huge shelves.

What is also astonishing: more and more, Discounter with elaborate TV-power advertisements. It seems like he wanted to take down his cheap image. The fact that the new prospectus this impression can be opposed that the focus is on food – affordable sets,.

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what are the products on offer at Aldi Süd?

food, clothing, sports equipment, outdoor and leisure gadgets as well as celebrity collaborations are offered depending on the season or Trends. These are usually advertised with a standard range of supposedly unbeatable low prices a few days before the release date in advertisements.

when are aldi’s deals always on?

The latest “bargains” always come out on a Monday, Thursday or Saturday and are generally unavailable for a while – while supplies last.

How long does my right to return to Aldi last?

Aldi Süd writes on its frequently asked questions page on the company’s internal homepage, food can be exchanged at any time in any branch. You don’t even need a bill. However, in the rest of the product range. Here is the two-month return period – upon presentation of the receipt.

Since when is Aldi?

In 1913, the company was founded by Karl Albrecht in Essen, Germany. The initial letters of his name later form the current name of the discount chain company (Albrecht discount). In 1961, the company was divided into “Aldi Nord” and “Aldi Süd” and passed into the ownership of family foundations.

What is the difference between Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord?

In the two discount chains, you can find out more about your logo and product range, as well as special offers. While Aldi Süd chose a light blue “A” in front of a dark blue background, with an orange-yellow frame, sister company Aldi Nord opted for a white background. In addition, the latter is delimited by a red frame. In addition, you only have the sign “Aldi”.

Note: The content does not correspond to the editor’s opinion nor does it serve advertising purposes. The editors do not receive any compensation from the above companies.

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