A dolphin optical illusion is fooling people on the internet

An optical illusion, also known as a visual illusion, is a phenomenon in which our visual system produces a perception that is different from reality.

This can happen because of the way our eyes and brains process information or because of the way images are created.

Simply put, an optical illusion is a trick that our brains trick us into.

This particular optical illusion is going viral on the internet and is a fun way to test your observational skills.

It was a picture with a blue background and the heads of badgers, between these heads a well-hidden dolphin.

The challenge presented by this image is to test your ability to observe things carefully.

The dolphin is camouflaged in the background, so it is difficult to detect at first. But if you look closely, you will see it floating.

Did you know that dolphins are pretty fast sprinters? Great isn’t it?

Well, your challenge is to find the dolphin before it runs away, can you do it in 19 seconds?

Are you up for the challenge? Start the timer and race against time to find the dolphin.

All the best!

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Source: Pinterest

Did you manage to find dolphins?

Come on, it’s there waiting to be discovered.

Still haven’t found it?

Okay, here’s your top tip: try looking for an animal’s fin and you’ll definitely spot it.

Did you find it now?

Hurry up! The countdown is about to end.

3… 2… and 1!

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Deadline is over!

So is your keen observation useful?

If you’ve found a hidden dolphin, congratulations, your attention to detail has finally paid off!

If you don’t spot the dolphin, that’s okay, even true puzzle masters can be confused by this optical illusion.

You can try again. Just scroll up and try to find the dolphin without a timer. Put your skills to the test!

Coming to the solution, here is the answer to the puzzle

Find the hidden dolphin – solution

The dolphin is hiding in the lower part of the painting, camouflaged in the stripe on the head of a badger.


Source: Pinterest

Is this quiz great? Keep honing your skills with these optical illusions and your observational skills will help you spot the tiniest details in everyday life.

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