90 Day Fiancé: Jeniffer & Jesse Reveal Bizarre Reason For Split

Jeniffer Tarazona and Jesse Meester’s shocking breakup is for an even more ridiculous reason fiance 90 days The couple’s latest statement. Jesse, 29, from Amsterdam, turned villain after dating TLC icon Darcy Silva Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago. However, Jesse’s notoriety has not stopped fiance 90 days Franchise actress Jennifer fell in love with him. The 25-year-old single mother was introduced to fans as Tim Malcolm’s girlfriend. After breaking up with Tim, Jennifer peeked through Jesse’s private messages. Even though it took a year for Jesse to answer her, he was still with Jennifer 90 Days: Single Life.

when TV viewers pass by single life In the Season 2 trailer, their Instagram followers have known since June 2021. Jennifer sparked rumors when she posted a photo of a mysterious man wearing a black T-shirt, and the couple were on holiday in Turkey quickly confirming their relationship. relationship by writing to them”take‘ in their Instagram bio. Interestingly, Jennifer used Instagram again on Sunday to tell her followers that she and Jessie are.”not together“To be.

Longtime fans of the show, who know of Jesse and Jennifer’s way of pursuing influence, believe that the pair are taking advantage of the news of their breakup to scam them. Turns out, they were right. The joint Instagram account of Jenifferandjesse, Jesse and Jeniffer, posted a story on Wednesday with a photo of them with the caption: “#jandj will be together soon.Both Jesse and Jeniffer retweeted screenshots of the story on their respective profiles. According to the accompanying statement, Jesse and Jennifer are “Not together right now“but only”physical

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This is due to Jesse and Jeniffer’s”Personal and Business Agenda‘ Husband and wife must “tTemporary distance“each other’s”geographically‘ focus on their projects and work. Looks like they are still there.”in love“Care deeply for each other and protect them”linkThe joint Instagram page currently has around 25 photos and videos documenting their romance, but Jesse himself appears to have deleted all but one post. fiance 90 daysJeniffer from her own Instagram page. Among the fans who don’t like either of them, there are those who think Jesse and Jennifer are the perfect couple because of how much they crave on-screen fame.

Tim has also commented on Jesse and Jennifer’s relationship, calling them dishonest, self-centered and narcissistic, possibly because Jesse had previously hinted that Tim was gay. single life Tell-All co-stars Jesse and Jeniffer season 2 also called him fake. Natalie Mordovtseva says Jesse is dating Jeniffer because it makes him a lot of money, while Big Ed Brown thinks Jesse is always bragging about his wealth fiance 90 days Star Jennifer looks like a gold digger. Present,”divide“Couples can watch together sex story becausesingle life Season 3.

Source: jenifferandjesse/Instagram, Jesse Meester/Instagram

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