90 Day Fiance Best Fan Memes of Big Ed

It’s something you never thought of, so here are the best memes for Big Ed fans Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days agoHe may be the breakout star of season 4, but make no mistake: Ed is just as polarizing as the people he holds dear. Viewers took to the internet to express their feelings about the 54-year-old’s appearance, personality and relationship with 23-year-old Rosemary.

Few can forget the April 12 episode, when Ed asks Rosemary to shave her legs the morning after they met. One fan reacted harshly to Ed’s outspoken request. This meme (pictured below) openly mocks Ed’s stocky and furry appearance that has become known around the world.

While Ed’s erratic behavior made him the focus of the internet, some of his actions infuriated viewers, who disapproved of his criticisms of hygiene and exterior. Rosemary’s picture. One fan wrote, “He’s the last person to comment on anything… I used to be Ed’s defender (just because of his looks) but exploits and exploits girls in the countries of the country. his third world is disgusting.” Another commenter commented on Rosemary and Ed’s awkward “next morning” in this meme about waking up.

When Ed suggested kissing Rosemary, aka “halik” in Tagalog (her language), a collective shudder erupted throughout TV Land. It’s a meme that combines the popular card game UNO with Big Ed’s irreverent request for a kiss. Big Ed seems to like this article even though it basically says that losing is better than making up with him.

when a spectator compares him to fiance 90 days Star. Do you see any similarities between the two?

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Some who have too much time on their hands to delve into Disney’s sacred halls compare Big Ed to Mulan’s matchmaker. What’s the best part about this meme? It’s accurate… at least when it comes to purple kimonos.

Ed was diagnosed with Klippel-Feil Syndrome which is why he has limited movement and a short neck. One fan couldn’t resist using the meme to mock Ed’s stiff head and shoulders (see below). Nor are they opposed to using Rosemary to remove insults.

Finally, this 90 days The Loyalist is thwarted by Ed’s blunt exchanges with Rosemary, who sees him as much-loved rhyme superstar Humpty Dumpty. In addition to the original artist rendering, scribbled hair was added for dramatic effect (let’s face it, funny).

Source: 8th Floor, Hollywood Cheat Sheet

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