10 Movies To Watch If You Liked Unfriended

When Unfriend When it came out in 2015, some horror fans might have wondered if it was possible to tell the whole story through a computer screen. It’s easy to think this won’t work because viewers might get bored or want some visual variety. But the movie is actually funnier and the storytelling more engaging, because watching a bunch of teenagers hang out in someone’s house gets boring and stale. Instead, they chat online and learn that their deceased classmate has haunted them.

There are many horror movies, such as Unfriend Technology is approached in interesting and new ways, some of which even take place inside a computer screen.

Updated by Mark Birrell on June 19, 2021: Unfriended joins a string of successful and innovative modern horror films, many of which are somewhat related to the hands of producer Jason Blum. That’s great news for movie fans, because it means there will be more chilling and suspenseful movies like this to recommend. Horror movie fans aren’t the only ones who can have fun with it, as even those who love Unfriended but generally don’t like horror movies will find plenty to choose from across multiple streaming platforms. different lines.

Searching (2018)

●Available on Prime Video

movies 2018 searchingIn , John Cho’s protagonist, David Kim, is searching for his suddenly disappeared daughter. The entire movie plays out on his computer screen as he does his research, contacts friends, family and the police, even watches the news on TV.

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EQUAL Unfriend, a film that proves that using this format can keep an audience engaged during the course of a full-length horror film. It’s hard to imagine the movie being told in a different way, because it works so well with this mystery.

Dark Ages (2017)

Zach peeks behind the locker door in Super Dark Times (2017)

● Available on Hulu and Tubi

dark age is a beautiful and traditional horror film that focuses on a group of high school students who get into a fatal accident and react badly to it.

Not a memorable experience though unfriend isThe film’s story has undeniable staying power, and examines the evil that lurks in children’s private interactions with each other in a deeply realistic way.

Blair Witch Project (1999)

Close-up of Heather's face from the Blair Witch Project.

●Available on DirecTV and Epix

When it first found backers, the first real success of the document format was found not to be a successful project, but a groundbreaking viral success. Blair Witch Project He has become a Hollywood legend.

Given the time period in which the film was made and released, the film’s use of the Internet is of course very different. To this day, the story of a group of documentary filmmakers who got lost in the supposedly haunted woods of Burkittsville, Maryland, is a rather creepy place, and decided to hand the cameras over to the actors. is a wise thing, in don’t shootshooting style.

Pulse (2001)

Pulse (2001) A man looking at a computer screen in amazement

● Works with Tubi, Crackle, Vudu, Pluto TV and Prime Video

Another popular horror movie from the turn of the millennium, pulse Draw attention to the ghosts that exist in the PC digital space and how they affect every aspect of modern life.

The movie handles fear better UnfriendThe focus on the fear of slow fire comes from its ominous atmosphere, but its combination of technology and horror is so ahead of its time that anyone is mesmerized by the core premise of either. The movie is a must see.

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Happy Death Day (2017)

happy death day

● Fubo satellite TV available

happy death day that right snake day The premise is about a character trapped in a seemingly endless time loop. The main character, Tree (Jessica Rothe), at first appears to be the typical victim in a horror movie, but then slowly dies and comes back to life day after day.

alike Unfriend, happy death day Brings something new to the horror genre as it evolves over time and keeps audiences engaged. The film was also another example of the kind of low-budget, high-concept hit for which Blumhouse Productions is known today, both of which became lucrative franchises for the company.

Extrasensory Activity (2007)

Oren Peli .'s Paranormal Activity Final Scene

● Available at Starz

identify it as a potential update Blair Witch ProjectJason Blum grabs footage found in horror movie anomalous phenomenon and helped make it a worldwide phenomenon, with five sequels to date.

This simple story of a couple trying to document a supernatural force they believe in becomes increasingly unsettling as time goes on and strange events happen to them during the night. . Unfriend Would appreciate the closeness of context and the intensity it brings to a dramatic scene.

Host (2020)

The moderator's protagonist is speaking on the Zoom screen

●Available on Shudder and DirecTV

Horror Movies 2020 host Widely acclaimed, it’s exciting to see the artwork created during the quarantine.

Directed by Rob Savage, the film tells the story of friends who conduct a ghost call over Zoom when they realize a paranormal event is happening. host Very well done and easy to connect with many people as video chat with their friends and family is increasing in recent years.

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Escape Room (2019)

escape room

● Fubo satellite TV available

Escape rooms have become very popular in recent years, but no one would have thought of actually being trapped in a room and fighting for their life.

This is exactly what happened in the 2019 movie escape roomA group of strangers come to play the game they’re invited to and are forced to go to increasingly dangerous places, whether it’s on a frozen lake or in an upside-down bar. The setting of the movie is more interesting than your usual horror movie because it is not a haunted mansion or other creepy forest, Unfriend Fans will also appreciate all the twists and turns.

V/H/S/2 (2013)

Herman looks at the implanted eyeball in the mirror in V/H/S/2

● Works with Tubi, Vudu and Pluto TV

This 2013 anthology has characters watching VHS tapes, which is quite creative. In one video, a cyclist wears a GoPro and turns into a zombie, so this clip is from a zombie POV. On the other hand, the alien invasion is seen from the dog’s point of view.

This movie is great for movie nerds Unfriend Because it takes classic horror movie ideas and looks at them through a modern lens, building dramatic sequences and variety always leave audiences guessing at what will happen next.

Untraceable (2008)

Colin Hanks and Diane Lane as FBI Agents in Untraceable

● Available at Starz

In this 2008 film starring Diane Lane as a secret agent, a serial killer has a website where he livestreams moments before he kills.

no trace fan is very good Unfriend Because it also involves the computer screen as one of the main focal points, although in this case the movie takes place in the real world. Still, it’s still a terrifying modern premise.

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