10 Amazing Encanto Cosplay On Instagram That Will Inspire You

For the sixth week in a row, Disney Encanto reached number one on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. People were captivated by the film’s rich story and diverse characters, and the soundtrack became so popular that it was broadcast on radio stations across the country.

This cements Encanto as one of Disney’s most beloved films since Frozen. Fans have shown their love for the film through fan art, music covers, and cosplay. The characters wear costumes that match their personalities while remaining true to the era they live in. This means that the main characters’ costumes are fun and easy to recreate, and people around the world are incorporating things from the movie into their costumes.

Camilo Madrigal – @demonehebi_cos

This cosplay perfectly embodies Camilo Madrigal’s playful personality, reflected in some of Encanto’s funniest quotes. Camillo can transform into anyone he sees, a gift he uses to trick or mock his family. Camillo is often described as a “play kid” and because of his talent, he likes to look like other people.

Devon, known on Instagram as Demonehebi_cos, recreated Camilo’s look with a replica of his ruana blonde and brown curls. He also added Camilo’s door to the background of the photo as a great finishing touch. Camelot will go crazy for this detailed RPG!

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Isabella – @eeveengelion

In her gorgeous cosplay, eeveengelion captured Isabela’s beauty with a replica of her dress and a high-powered smile. She uses flowers as props because Isabella has the ability to bloom at will.

Throughout much of the film, Isabella is obsessed with perfection, believing it to be the only way to get her family’s approval, though she later reveals in a scene that “I’m tired of To be perfect, I want to be realistic.” EncantoThe most inspirational quotes. This cosplay definitely represents Isabella’s main goal at the beginning of the movie, which is to be absolutely perfect in every way. Also notable in this delicate cosplay is the floral embroidery on the top layer of her dress. It is very similar to the sparkling embroidery on Isabela’s body.

Bruno Madrigal – @dwight_cosplay

The dwight_cosplay cosplay costume recreates the magical scene when Bruno gives Mirabel a present. Before being introduced, Bruno was just a mysterious uncle unknown to the younger generation. His powers are terrifying, as doom seems to follow anyone he reads from the future.

Although his strength is not as terrible as people imagine, this cosplay still makes people see at a glance how terrible this scene is. Not only did he use Photoshop to create a sandstorm swirling around Bruno as he read, but he also added a glow effect to his own eyes.

Pepa Madrigal – @__i.karus__

Pepa Madrigal can control the weather with her emotions. This makes her quite nervous and stressed throughout the movie. However, her personality is still as bright as the sun. In this cosplay, Gabriella (_i.karus_ on Instagram) embodies Pepa’s cheerful personality and rainy attitude.

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Gabriela wore Pepa’s signature yellow dress with sun earrings. Around her curly red hair, she twisted a blonde hair band to frame her bangs. To compose her photos, Gabriela Photoshopped rainbows and clouds, similar to the rainbow and cloud after Pepa in the movie.

Mirabell Madrigal – @kumalette.cosplay

Despite her lack of talent, Mirabel Madrigal is generally optimistic and calm. Mirabell’s MBTI throughout Encanto She longs to be heard, seen, and understood by her family, and the bright colors on her signature outfits are sure to help everyone see! Mirabel wears vibrant colors and incorporates nature into her outfits. In trying to help the house secure its magic, she finds herself in many life-threatening situations.

Turns out, her dress and shirt combo was the perfect way to save the whole family. Cosplayer kumalette.cosplay wears a handmade Mirabel butterfly dress and a white shirt with a butterfly on the neck. She also wears green round glasses from Mirabel to complete the look.

Dolores Madrigal – @mares_hurt_1d

Makeup artist mares_hurt_1d’s Instagram page is filled with amazing looks. In her Dolores cosplay, she gave the character a glamorous look that accentuated her beauty while emulating some of Dolores’ more notable features, especially her large eyes. that. Although Dolores didn’t do it on purpose, she is often drawn to home movies because of her talent. Her eyes were wide open throughout the movie, as if she was always in shock from hearing all the things she shouldn’t have heard.

The skilled cosplayer used eyeliner and eyeshadow to make her eyes look bigger. She also wears earth-colored jewelry around her neck, similar to the necklace Dolores wears.

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Isabella Madrigal – @megansoigne

Another gorgeous Isabella cosplay, this time recreated by makeup artist and cosplayer Megan Sohn. In her cosplay, she combines Isabella’s look with fake core elements.

It was a lavender dress with layered shoulders and sequined bodice at the chest. She applied makeup to her rosy cheeks, and put flowers in her smooth hair.

Agustin Madrigal – @megachromatic

Agustín Madrigal is not the most memorable by Encanto character, but that didn’t stop the cosplay superhero (also known as Jose Rivera) from bringing his eccentric, accident-prone father to life.

He wears a replica of the Augustinian three-piece suit, including the pink flowers on his vest. If that wasn’t enough, the cosplayer even sported a beard to match the character, showing his true dedication to his art!

Luisa Madrigal – @rafaellecriistine

Luisa Madrigal comes to life in this beautiful rafaellecriistine cosplay. Louisa is the strength of the family in many ways.

Showing off some impressive arms, the cosplayer wore a replica of Luisa’s embroidered white shirt and blue skirt. In place of Louisa’s headband, she uses a red hood that perfectly matches the character’s personality. It also helps this cosplayer look like Louisa!

Alma Madrigal – @ana_costa_cosplay

ana_costa_cosplay harnesses the power of makeup magic to transform herself into Alma Madrigal, Encanto’s somewhat corny, nervous Abuela. Ana can age into a 75-year-old woman with silver streaks and fake wrinkles in her hair.

She mimicked Abuela’s modest make-up to maintain her signature look, and wore a handmade shawl with purple embroidery. In the photo, she is holding a candle, like the magic candle that Abuela holds.

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