1 Small Lucerys Detail Makes His Fate So Much Worse

warning! This article contains spoilers for The House of Dragons Season 1, Episode 10, “The Black Queen. dragon houseThe Season 1 finale, proved he never stood a chance against Aemond. As her mother’s messenger, Lucerys Velaryon travels to Storm’s End on his dragon Arrax, hoping to win the allegiance of House Baratheon. This simple quest turns into a death sentence when Lucerys meets Aemond, who is seeking revenge in the form of the Eye of Lucerys. When Luke tried to escape on his dragon Arrax, Aemond chased him on the giant ship Vhagar. After taunting his nephew, Aemond lost control of Vhagar and accidentally killed Lutheris and Arax in the air.

Luke’s death was tragic enough, but it was even worse as Rhaenyra’s second son had just been shown to be a fledgling warrior and an immature mind prone to neurosis. dragon houseBriefly portrayed as Jacaerys and Lucerys fencing on the beach in Season 1, Episode 10, Luke’s sword skills are almost pathetic compared to his brother’s. Considering Lucerys was arguably the worst warrior of the Targaryen boys, Aemond’s pursuit of him was downright brutal. At least it would have been a fairer fight if Jace had died before Emond in battle, so the brutal killing of non-warrior Lutheris makes starting the fight all the more uncomfortable.

Lucerys and Arrax have no chance against Aemond and Vhagar

Despite Aemond’s comment that Lucers is a “healthy boy‘, the son of Rhaenyra lived up to his real name. Aemond was a skilled fighter, while Lucerys was barely able to swing his sword when training with his brother; An appropriate comparison would be Jon Snow’s battle with Not only was Lucerys’s fighting skill unsatisfactory, but the vast difference between Lucerys’ dragon, Arrax, and Aemond’s dragon, Vhagar, demonstrated. that he has no chance. 10-year-old Arrax can’t be compared to the nearly 200-year-old battle-hardened Vhagar, so even if Lucerys hadn’t been killed in Storm’s End, he might have met a similar fate in A Dance with Dragons.

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Why Lucerys had to die in Dragon House

Dragon House Rhaenyra Viserys Lucerys

After confirming that the Green faction officially betrayed the black faction by crowning Aegon, dragon house Still have to increase the bet. There had to be a moment when Rhaenyra could not go on without revenge, and Luceris’ death changed Rhaenyra’s mind to believe that war was the only option. Rhaenyra decided not to take the Iron Throne back out of personal ambition, but because her beloved child, whom she had sworn not to fight, was brutally murdered by Emond and Vagarhar. Luke’s death brings convincing tragedy dragon house These forces are needed to turn the war from an alliance battle into a devastating clash of fire and blood.

Rhaenyra would still be angry if Jacaerys died, but she could trust him to fight back; however, Lutheris was not a warrior, and Rhaenyra knew it. Among Rhaenyra’s children, Lucerys’ death is vague enough for others to believe that there was a battle with Aemond, but that’s not fair. If Aemond killed Joffrey, he was a complete villain; if he kills Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, Amond will be considered a victorious warrior. death begins dragon houseCivil war needs to be unforgivable enough to call for vengeance, but also grim enough for Aemond not to completely fall for it, and poor Lucerys Velaryon delivers that tragic duality.

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